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 Eilonwy Mormont

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Eilonwy Mormont


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PostSubject: Eilonwy Mormont    Fri Aug 01, 2014 3:17 am

Eilonwy Mormont



Family Members:  
Anne (mother), Jeor (father), Garret and Cedric (older twin brothers), Jane (older sister), Damian (younger brother)

bethroded to Adam Tully

Eilonwy is a sweet, well mannered girl. She can act quite well like a lady, even if maybe she's a bit too carefree, a bit too careless, and also quite clumsy. Still, she's gentle, honest and loyal, and she has a warm heart. She loves animals, horses in particular, and she loves riding. She also loves nature in general, even if it's not really ladylike she loves climbing trees. Another one of her passions is archery, something that her mother doesn't really approve but that's perfectly in line with Bear Island's traditions.

Eilonwy is the fourth daughter of Jeor and Anne Mormont. She is only one year older than Jane, but she and her older sister never had much in common. Not that they didn't love each other, but since childhood Jane had always been a responsible, oversensitive child, easily compelled by their mother in her lady role. Eilonwy, on the other hand, was quite more of a free spirit, less tied to her duties. Not like she didn't listen to her mother, or as she didn't prepare as well to be a proper lady, but she was quite more careless and carefree than her sister. For this reason she also had a less strong bond than Jane with their mother, but this was never a problem to her. She did have, on the other hand, a stronger bond with their father, also because, differently from Jane, she was willing to observe the traditions of Bear Island and learn how to fight: she opted for the bow and arrow, which she managed to master quite well. Differently from Jane, it was decided not to bethrode Eilonwy to some far away family, and her parents decided instead she could marry some local minor noble, so she would have been able to remain in Bear Island, but, after her sister's death, the family was in need to tighten once again the alliance with the Tullys, and therefore Eilonwy had to be promised to the youngest Tully, much to the girl's surprise.

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Eilonwy Mormont
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