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 Damian Mormont

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Damian Mormont


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PostSubject: Damian Mormont   Wed Apr 22, 2015 4:30 pm

Damian Mormont


House(s) (+ house sworn to if any):

Mormont, sworn to Stark

Family Members:
Anne Mormont (mother), Jeor Mormont (father), Garrett Mormont (oldest brother), Cedric Mormont (brother), Jane Tully (oldest sister, deceased), John Tully (brother in law, deceased), Eilowyn (sister)

Lovable son of house Mormont xD

Damian can be simply described as sweet charming young man that loves his family over all though has the dream to "escape" them or rather his mother for a little vacation and experience the world outside his home.

Since he was born he had rather a quite bad health which forced him to stayinside, and especially in bed most of his time. However no matter how bad the circumstances have been looking for him, in the end he always regained strength and health.

He is an eager reader whose biggest whish is to travel the world.
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Damian Mormont
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