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 Jeor Mormont

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Jeor Mormont

Jeor Mormont

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Name: Jeor Mormont

Age: 48

House: Mormont • sworn to house Stark

Family Members: Anne (wife); Garrett (son); Cedric (son); Jane (daughter); Eilonwy (daughter)

Role/Job/Occupation: Lord of Bear Island

Personality: Jeor has a keen sense of honor and justice. He is fair, caring, and will do anything to keep his family safe or to help in moments of need. His children and wife are the most important thing for him.
He has a good heart and doesn’t like unnecessary violence, always trying to talk with people. But when it’s necessary Jeor is a skillful fighter and won’t hesitate to hurt or kill.
He is loyal to the crown, but his loyalty will always follow House Stark’s decisions, even if it is against the crown.

History: Joer is the son of Alysane Mormont - previous Lady of Bear Island - , he and his sister grew up without knowing their real father, but believing at the story that they were fathered by a bear.
When he was eight years old, he persuaded his sister - who was fifteen at the time and heir of the title - to go in the woods to look for their bear-father. Unfortunately a bear attacked them and killed his older sister who was trying to save him. Nobody blame him for her death, but Jeor couldn’t help but feel guilty.

He grew up and became the new heir of the title of Lord. At the age of twenty-one, an arranged marriage was set for him and a young noble lady of the North, Anne. After a couple of years his mother Alysane died of disease, leaving the title to him and his wife.

The education of his children has always been a priority of Anne and he never wanted to interfere with it, wanting the best for them. Jeor trained his sons to fight and also tried with his daughters, finding it harder with Jane, but not with Eilonwy. Even if his wife doesn't approve this idea, she would never contradict him and let him do it. He just wants to be sure that all his family would be able to fend itself even if he couldn’t be around; he doesn’t want to lose again someone he loves.

Extra: Jeor was named after his granduncle, Lord Commander of the Nights Watch.
He is afraid of bears due to his past experience, but would never admit it with his family or friends.
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Jeor Mormont
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