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 Garrett Mormont

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Garrett Mormont

Garrett Mormont

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Name: Garrett Mormont

Age: 27

House: Mormont • sworn to house Stark

Family Members: Jeor (father); Anne (mother); Cedric (brother); Jane (sister); Eilonwy (sister)

Role/Job/Occupation: heir to the title of Lord of Bear Island

Personality: Garrett is the eldest twin so he's the first in line to become the next Lord of Bear Island. He has a keen sense of honor and justice. He is fair, caring, and will do anything to keep his family safe or to help in moments of need. Being the heir of the title of Lord he feels a lot of pressure by his parents and the court, so Garrett tries to do his best all the time, excelling in almost everything: in fact he's a great warrior, being able to use a wide range of weapons, and also a good politician.
Garrett sees no reason for torture, cruelty, or unnecessary executions and treats his prisoners of war well and justly.

History: Garrett and Cedric were born on Bear Island, sons of the Lord and the Lady of Bear Island, a free island in the North, vassal house of the house Stark.
Like everyone on the island the twins grew up learning how to fight preparing themselves for their future roles. Garrett has been prepared to take the role of lord, lead by several preceptors and master fencers.
Both of them swore allegiance to the house Stark, as their ancestor did, ready to be called in case of necessity.

Extra: Garrett has a very close relationship with his twin brother, that most of the time exclude their younger sisters, in fact he doesn't have secrets with Cedric and vice versa. Once when they were 10, they tried to domesticate a bear with no success.

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Garrett Mormont
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