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 Anne Mormont

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Anne Mormont


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PostSubject: Anne Mormont   Mon Aug 25, 2014 10:26 am

Anne Mormont



Family members
Garrett (son), Cedric (son), Jane (daughter), Eilonwy (daughter)

Lady of Bear Island

Anne Mormont is a strong lady with a high sense of duty and honor. She always does her very best in everything she has to do, no matter how much it costs for her. She loves her children to death, but she is also very strict in their education, especially with the girls.

Anne was originally from a minor noble house of the north, but no matter the modesty of the house she grew up with a strong sense of duty and honor.
She married the young lord of Bear Island when she wasn’t even 16 years old and got immediately pregnant. She was set into an arranged marriage but she never complained about that.

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Anne Mormont
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