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 Odette Bolton

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Odette Bolton


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PostSubject: Odette Bolton   Fri Aug 01, 2014 1:15 am

Name: Odette

Age: 20
House: Bolton
Family Members: Ramsay Bolton (deceased father), Cato Bolton (brother), Juliana Stark (Sister)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Youngest Bolton Child

Personality: Odette is a bit spoiled, and loves getting what she wants. On the rare occasion things don't go her way, hell breaks loose. Though spunky and short tempered, she's very poised and elegant- handling every situation with grace. As she matured, her body became her largest asset and seduction became a useful skill. She is fully aware of her beauty and uses it strongly to her advantage. She has a strange fascination with men, specifically their skin.  

History:Being the youngest child in her family, Odette took her role of malicious kid sister very seriously. Growing up, she made it her mission to let her older siblings that she was just as tough as they were. From a very young age, she exhibited manipulative and sociopathic tendencies. In an attempt be like the others in her house, she began practicing flaying and torture on household animals at the age of 4. Though it was never deemed lady like, Odette spent her free time in the dungeons, observing. She killed her first man at the age of 16, with her brother's guidance. Due to the fact she's always been named as the young Bolton girl, she has an overwhelming desire to hold a position of power.

Extra: ~ Odette has a knife collection in her room, and constantly carries at least one on her person. She doesn't think twice about slitting a throat when needed.
         ~ She loves horseback riding and has an all white horse named Sky. It is the only thing she shows true compassion for.
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Odette Bolton
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