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 Lord Cato Bolton

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Cato Bolton


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PostSubject: Lord Cato Bolton   Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:01 pm

NAME: Cato Bolton
AGE: 29
HOUSE: Bolton
FAMILY MEMBERS: Ramsay Bolton (deceased father), Juliana Stark (sister), Odette Bolton (sister), Leonard Snow (distant cousin)

JOB/OCCUPATION: Head of House Bolton of the Dreadfort

PERSONALITY: Growing up in such an environment, Cato's heart became icy and brutal and he only ever knew what he was taught by his father. As a result, he has become a ruthless leader with a dark sense of humor, not afraid to do most anything to get his way. Observant, he knows how to analyze a person and use their assets to his advantage.

HISTORY: Cato grew up in the Dreadfort, only son and heir of the infamous Bastard of Bolton. He flayed his first human, a prisoner of combat that his father lent him on his 14th nameday, and was told to wear the skin as a cloak for 3 days. He generally got along decently with his youngest sister Odette, who never seemed to cause much trouble for the family name. For his other sister Juliana, Cato saw kindness and fear in her, thinking of her as weak initially--but they still grew close. When he was 19, she had run away. He was confused at first but then became angry at the Starks along with many other Boltons. Many believed that Juliana was kidnapped by a Stark to find a wife for the heir Proteus. A search began for the "traitor" within the servants and workers at the Castle. Many Boltons rode to Winterfell to reclaim her and a war almost broke out had not been for Queen Daenerys's order. For many Boltons including Cato, a feeling of hatred for the Starks lingered and eyes glared at the current Lord Ramsay for letting the Starks take his eldest daughter away. He always admired the tales of his father, but after Juliana successfully ran away--he began to see him as less powerful. A few years after the almost-war, the Lord Ramsay had died mysteriously due to what was royally decreed as "natural causes." This resulted in Cato being appointed the new head of the house. After numerous requests to visit for wedding or the birth of her child, he has declined every single one. So far as a ruler, he has been very effective and has managed to fix some negotiations of the houses sworn to Bolton. He despises the current Targaryen rule and longs for something greater for the Great Bolton house.

EXTRA: Has skills in hunting and fighting. Always carries a dagger with him.
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Lord Cato Bolton
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