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 Fun Interview #2 [Tag Cato+Miguel+Puck+Sinbad+Soma]

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Marina Targaryen

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PostSubject: Fun Interview #2 [Tag Cato+Miguel+Puck+Sinbad+Soma]   Thu Sep 04, 2014 3:46 pm

Note: This interview will be done by me, Juli, not the queen even though I´m going to use her account just so you know ♥

Juli walked up and down in the room. Last time she checked it seemed like there were more than two guys to be interviewed and that means she´d have to interview them pretty much at the same time and not as she previously thought in seperate threads. Again, she checked her sheet with all the questions. Typical for her she didn´t pay much attention for her surroundings and when the door opened and the guys walked in she was given a shock and throwed the sheet in the air. "Shit!" She lifted the question sheet up again and turned to the guys and pointed to the chairs in front of hers. Wow Juli you are so talented and elegant. After she sighed Juli sat down as well as the others in front of her and looked at her sheet to find a good first question. "So, who of you wants to get the first question?"
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PostSubject: Re: Fun Interview #2 [Tag Cato+Miguel+Puck+Sinbad+Soma]   Thu Sep 04, 2014 4:00 pm

Puck went along with the others, not really assured of being left without informing his mistress. When the girl hit another guy, he went to her.

"Nothing broken miss?"

He then flew to the chair and crossed his legs hanging over. He was curious to know the questions. Since few seconds silence reigned he exclaimed.

"If no one longs, I am willing."
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Fun Interview #2 [Tag Cato+Miguel+Puck+Sinbad+Soma]
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