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 ☾ Puck {Moondemon}

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PostSubject: ☾ Puck {Moondemon}    Fri Aug 22, 2014 8:57 am

☾  ☾  ☾



House(s) (+ house sworn to if any):Baelish

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...):

Alyssa Baelish (mistress)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any):
Alyssa's Slave

sweet, kind, curious, affectionate, intelligent, he loves to share his knowledge with others, he prefers to think before acting, he likes to play to the gallery with his powers, he respects nature and defends. He lives very badly to be seen as a slave by her current teacher and even more suffer the fate which makes it become a spirit of chaos, discover what he did and always difficult for him.

Puck does not remember his life before the talisman, or a child, he does not know who locked him in the jewels, he had a family or if he was born in the receptacle. He saw the world change, kings succeed, he also missed a lot of events. All his teachers have taught him things, remedies, fighting techniques (even if he does not like to fight), spells, secret places. It is an open encyclopedia and he loves to share his knowledge. He was delighted when after a hundred years of sleep we awoke, but he quickly became disenchanted.

Puck is a demon trapped in a talisman. The person who finds the talisman must be cut by hand to cover the jewelry of his blood, the devil then appears and becomes the servant of his new master. He is a demon "nice", he respect the nature and defends, he refuses to use his powers for evil unless he is angry. This trait does not please her new master who has usa a spell to make evil and make him earn his bataiiles to govern the kingdom.

☾ There are several exits transcribed in a manuscript, the summoning spell, a spell that gives a feeling of electric shock to Puck to be obeyed, and the lot of chaos, which anile all his goodness into a demon of chaos and that obey not want that to hurt and destroy.

☾ If the talisman is stolen, puck remains in the service of his master at all, unless the thief impregnates the jewels of his blood.

☾ If the talisman remains in possession of the master, puck remain in service until his death, then he will be locked up in the jewelry again. (The teacher may decide to go puck into the talisman time he did not need it)

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☾ Puck {Moondemon}
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