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 The Moon met the Sun [TAG: Puck]

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Red Priestress Rhea


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PostSubject: The Moon met the Sun [TAG: Puck]   Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:42 pm

Looking around, the dark-haired woman couldn't help but let her face light up in awe as she watched the merchant's clothes, so different from those of her native land : different colors, different patterns... Everything seemed new and familiar at the same time. Having dissimulated her deep red veil in her travel bag; her long, wavy hair was floating elegantly behind her : like a black river, falling in her back. Some merchants were eyeing her as she was a possible thief, but she didn't really paid attention to them, it was an habit from Westeros men to watch her like this : just like they eyed every people who wasn't from their land.

She walked with tranquility among the different market stalls, admiring in silent the jewelry of the KingLanding's ladies while listening to the shouts of the merchants. She was at ease here, in this crowd where nobody will notice her claret-coloured dress as her exotic features : too many slaves possessed the same features than her, and nobody will ask questions on her. She bought an apple to an old woman before continuing her walk, appreciating her freedom as she remembered her life before.

As she walked away from the lively market and entered a deserted street, she bumped into someone before she could see it and fall onto the cold ground. She could almost hear Esme's mocking voice saying : Always as clumsy as before, Rhea. Slowly, she raised her eyes toward the person whom she has just bumped into before stared at him, because it was a "him", in wonder.

An young, angular face on which a scowl was appearing; white hair falling around his face, he just looked so out of place here, in this deserted street with her. He seemed so...different, yet so hypnotizing. Especially his eyes : they seemed so old for a young man like him, as if he has seen too much of the world already. He looked like the moon : cold, distant yet beautiful. She gasped suddenly, feeling ashamed : he was waiting for an apology and she was just stiting here on the ground; staring at him with a childish look. A warm smile appeared on her lips, as she let escape a little laugh to hide her embarassement. "Forgive me, my Lord. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going..."
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PostSubject: Re: The Moon met the Sun [TAG: Puck]   Thu Jan 15, 2015 10:42 am

Puck walking in town, enjoying one of those rare point alyssa left alone ... She sent to do some comissions sounds exasperated by ervant as always. Puck so that someone would steal the amulet for it to be finally free of this torturer face of an angel! But he knows that it will not happen because alyssa always keeps the amulet on her. So he tries to bind with a little bit with the girl ... but smarques attention seems vein ...

In his walk he walks away from the busy road, noticing that attracts attention because of its white hair. He finally stopped in a deserted alley, taking advantage of this well faitrice solitude, calm comforting ... when suddenly we go into him! It almost falls to the ground but managed to catch up, he turns to see who collided so and discovers a young woman has the typical skin of a people living under the sun. She recalled him one of his former mistresses ... probably the one with whom he had the most to link. She lived in Westeros, under the bright sun. But she was dead long ago, he had accompanied him to his last breath before returning his amulet for a whole century.

In contemplation of the woman he is lost in his thoughts, and only when he apologizes back to reality. "Oh ... no problem, my lady. I stopped suddenly in the middle of the street" He looks at her and smiled at him wanting reassuring. "I'm Puck , and please ... do not call me lord ... I'm the slav... the servant of alyssa Baelish." He bows to her. "why did you think I was a lord?" it amused enough that he, being more than a thousand years for humans servire be considered as a lord.
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The Moon met the Sun [TAG: Puck]
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