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 Daemon Lannister

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Daemon Lannister


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PostSubject: Daemon Lannister   Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:42 pm

Name: Daemon Lannister

Age: 39

House: Lannister

Family Members: Tyrion Lannister (father), Cale (son), Phoebus (cousin), Aurora (niece), Madeline (niece), Olena (niece), Tulio Voss (foster nephew)

Role/Job/Occupation: The son of Tyrion Lannister, the famous imp aka halfman;

Personality: Daemon has a lot of his fathers personaltity with his indulging in liquor and sex even though he instead is even more flirty and charming. He loves to travel a lot and get a taste of the opportunities other cultures and cities offer but his favorite place is still Casterly Rock where his beloved family lives he´d do anything for. Most times he has a thick skin but he will take action if people go to far. Like most of the Lannisters he is a very smart man that tends to be sarcastic and knows how to use his knowledge he always tries to extend. Besides his aunt Cercei he has a good relationship with the family members, especially with Phoebus who is like a brother to him, and of course with his son Cale he spends most times either at home, some taverns or brothels.

History: Born as the son of Tyrion Lannister he had quite a tough time in his very youth but he learned to ignore the shit talking of other people and stand up for diabled or deformities like his father. He always had a very strong connection with his father in whose eyes Daemon was the best thing that ever happened to him besides Cale and Irene of course. Since he could remember he always felt the need to see the world what became his job in order to trade and make contracts all over westeros and essos so the family keept it´s wealth that still grows. Many years ago he married a noble lady with a bad health he loved anyways and had Cale with. To her he always stayed loyal until her very last breath.

Extra: He prefers to wear blue but at offical and imporant occasions, he wears his hous´s colors. Unlike a lot of people he isn´t against homosexual love and relationships at all.
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Daemon Lannister
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