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 Madeline Lannister

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Madeline Lannister


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PostSubject: Madeline Lannister   Fri Aug 01, 2014 6:26 am

Name: Madeline Lannister • Maddie for short

Age: 16

House: Lannister

Family Members: Phoebus (father); Rose (older sister); Olena (younger sister); Cale (cousin); Daemon (uncle); Tulio (foster brother)

Role/Job/Occupation: middle Lannister daughter

Personality: Madeline, like almost all the younger sisters, has a sort of adoration for her older sister Rose; following everything she does or says. It's normal to see her with a dress really similar to Rose's or trying to do something that Aurora can do, failing almost all the time.
Even if Maddie's deportment is usually considered a little annoying and also childish by the court, Maddie doesn't really care, since being like Rose has become like a sort of goal for her: she knows that if she becomes like her sister she would be able to guarantee honor and respect for her family and house when it will be her moment.
She lacks a few of the qualities needed to a noblewoman, like dancing and singing, but Maddie knows how to play severals musical instruments.
Even if she's a bit muddler and childish, Madeline knows when it's time to be serious and respectful; leaving if she knows she is not anymore wanted or needed. She knows the etiquette and is always polite, but if she's pissed off or if she doesn't like something she won't use uncertain terms to say it.

History: Madeline grew up with her sister Rose in Casterly Rock, the Lannister's household. Like every young lady she knows that in the future she'll have to marry a noble man of another family, that's why she's trying to become a proper lady like her sister Rose.

Extra: Maddie likes to take care of plants and flowers, in fact she has her own garden in the Lannister's castle.

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Madeline Lannister
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