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 Cale Lannister

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Cale Lannister

Cale Lannister

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PostSubject: Cale Lannister   Cale Lannister EmptyMon Aug 18, 2014 8:44 pm

Cale Lannister Cale11
Name: Cale Tucker

Age: 20

House(s): Lannister

Family Members: Tyrion Lannister(Grandfather), Phoebus(Uncle), Madeline(Cousin), Olena(Cousin), Aurora(Cousin)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): The grandson of Tyrion Lannister, the Imp.

Personality: Cale indulges in liquor and sex just like his grandfather, tending to find it relaxing for him. And pretty much a fun little hobby. He uses his lannister family name and looks quite a lot to his advantage. Looks down upon houses that are not as great and powerful as the Lannister house, not missing any chances of insulting those he takes a dislike to and of lower standing (tends to be less blunt with this group though). Though he is very blunt and too much of pride, Cale keeps his mouth shut around those who are disabled or have deformities like his grandfather. Tending to stand up for them immediately, showing his soft spot in an instant. When he notices his mistake of showing his soft spot, his temper lets a loose on those who insulted those whom he was protecting. Which resulted in Cale getting into many fights, succeeding in them immediately due to his training by Phoebus and other sword trainers assigned by his grandfather.

Like his grandfather, Cale has sharp intellect and tongue when it comes to belittling others and getting the better of those whom are enemies or just insects under his boots. His arrogance and sarcastic traits really add onto a bitter prideful personality and cause him to be very much unlike by those who see through his charms. He’s mostly charming with those he takes interest in and in political situations. He’s also apathetic to things that are no concern of him if he deems it to be. When he grins then it’s very possible that he likes the person. If it’s a small sharp smile, then he’s either thinking of ways to cut your throat or thinking of things to belittle you immediately. Cale is the typical arrogant cocky male about his swordsmanship.  And while his grandfather is glad with how the new head of the Lannister House is a honorable and kind man, who is Phoebus, the uncle of Cale Lannister. Cale doesn’t really think much of his uncle as being the head of the House and of the new queen. He does have some interest in being in power, but is deciding to keep low for now. Learning new things from his grandfather everyday and swordsmanship training is what Cale will resume to be doing until the time comes to when he thinks the time has come for him to try and take power. So he’d rather resume his usual activities as well as sex and booze for a while longer.

History: Cale Lannister is the grandson of Tyrion Lannister and Irene, a woman who his grandfather finally found true love with. When he was young, Cale learned that his grandfather’s stature was quite the talk among others. He could hear the whispers of The Imp and Halfman surround him at the parties and such from people’s mouths. Unlike his grandfather, Cale didn’t have thick skin and couldn’t ignore the insults, even the slightest of hints of insults heard in conversations with others. There had actually been one time that the young lannister boy had sliced one other young boy’s back twice during a gathering at Casterly Rock. The children had been practicing sword fighting with wooden swords although young Cale had brought his very own sword given to him as a present by his father. He had only brought the sword out to show to the other children, not to use it. That was until one of the children had started up on the topic of Cale’s grandfather, talking about what his father said and such, insulting Tyrion Lannister. Some of the children, who knew Cale, tried to hush the young boy up but failed miserably. The boy didn’t get no warning or comment from Cale to stop. But his talking did ceased once he fell to the ground from one slice of the sword to his back, then another slice to his back yet again when he was on the ground screaming. Cale Lannister was known to have a silent yet deadly temper, even scaring a lot of the children as he grinned darkly while hovering over the bleeding boy, watching him with a satisfied gaze. Tyrion and his parents had spoken to Cale about the incident, reprimanding him about it. But nevertheless, Cale was not punished for the deed, only ending up with more time to spend with his Grandfather who later on was the person who had brought Cale into the world of brothels and booze. Also most people who know of his silent temper are cautious when bringing up his grandfather and keep their comments to themselves.

Extra: He loves horseback riding!! Even more than sex and booze! Does like his uncle, but not the idea of him being the Head of House Lannister. Also his like is to an extent.
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Madeline Lannister

Madeline Lannister

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PostSubject: Re: Cale Lannister   Cale Lannister EmptyTue Aug 19, 2014 6:10 am

Oooh! Another Lannister! :3

I'm not sure that Maddie likes him! XD
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Cale Lannister
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