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 Arrival of the Fiance [Tag: Marina & Company]

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Alexander Macedon


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PostSubject: Arrival of the Fiance [Tag: Marina & Company]   Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:24 am

The sky was filled with murky clouds and the wind smelled of the salty sea as it blew about in the air, causing ship flags to dance along with its rhythm. A strong breeze caressed the fire-kissed locks of a large built man who stood upon his ship's deck as he watched the ever growing closer coastline. His stoic face was sun-kissed tan and rough with lines made from both smiles and frowns through his life, his lips set in a thin line as he starred on in deep thought.

Closer and closer the coastline grew, it was only a matter of time before they reached the docks of his soon-to-be new home. Kings Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. Alexander had only been there during the negotiations and had never gotten much look over the city. Nor had he ever traveled anywhere in the Seven Kingdoms, his travels only ever taking him throughout Essos. He wondered what the city was like, and more importantly its queen.

I wonder what made brother decide on a marriage as an assurance of peace. he wondered, giving out a small sigh. And why me. True, unlike his brother he was not yet married. But he wasn't the only bachelor in Braavos. Most of them were younger than he but he wasn't the oldest either... maybe. Not that he was opposed to what his brother and ruler had asked of him. There were many times he thought of seeking out a bride to shall his life with. He just never thought it would come about in the way that it did.

With another sigh, he turned his back form the view before him, the docks starting to become clear now, and instead looked at the sailors that performed their ship duties. This would perhaps be the last time he would ever see these men most likely. Even if he should visit Braavos again, it would be aboard ships from the Seven Kingdoms with Seven Kingdoms sailors. Crimson eyes glanced to the side as a Bravos approached him, a man on the top of the list of possible replacements for him once he married the queen of the approaching land. He was also one of of many swordsmen who came to ensure Alexander's safe travels.

"I trust everything is well." he asked as the man made it to his side, nodding his head in getting as he spoke. Upon being informed that they would arrive at the port soon, Alexander nodded before dismissing the man and making his way to the cargo hold to make sure all his things, as well as his wedding present to his future bride, were well prepared for transport. A survey ensured that all was there and secured and by the time he was done, hollers could be heard from up on the deck of docking preparations. The fire-kissed man gave himself a moment to prepare himself before he went back up.

As the crew docked the ship, Alexander felt himself glance around the busy port as his men came up beside him. Here it goes.
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Marina Targaryen

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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Fiance [Tag: Marina & Company]   Fri Aug 15, 2014 8:29 pm

The sea seemed to be quite calm that day. In contrast, Marinas heart was racing. It wouldn´t take long until her fiancee she hardly knew about and never even seen once before would arrive in King´s Landing. As every girl she always hoped to marry because of love one day but now she is the queen as which she has to do everything possible to keep her kingdoms at it´s best and due the current circumstances and histories this marriage was very important. At least, she thought I didn´t hear anything bad about him. Next to Marina was her sister Amalthea, as always in a beautiful dress fitting for the occasion, who gently hold her hand to calm Marina down. She told her that the marriage won´t be that bad at all for sure and that her beloved aunt Daenerys had similar marriage circumstances and in the end she and Khal Drogo actually fell in love. Maybe we will get along as well as them?

As the ship got closer and closer Marina hold Amaltheas hand tighter and tighter before letting go when a strong breeze messed up her hair and she wasn´t able to see anything for a few moments. But then when the breeze got calm again and she was able to get her hair fixed the ship arrived and she was able to have a look at her husband to be for the first time.
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Amalthea Targaryen


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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Fiance [Tag: Marina & Company]   Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:49 pm

Amalthea had been by Marina's side the moment she had woken up and asked for her. Of course she made sure to get dressed before she did. For she wanted to be ready before her sister, due to wanting to keep all the focus on her. Today she was wearing a light pink dress that tied around her neck and went all the way down to cover her feet. She wore something similar of a corset in her waist area. The dress didn't look extravagant but it was just right for the occasion. Plus she wanted to be in a comfortable dress. But she knew her sister would approve anything she wore. After all her dresses were always picked with her by her side. After she had gotten ready, she immediately ran to her sister's side to help her wait for her fiance. She held onto her sister's hand, giving it a light squeeze when she could tell she was nervous. "It's alright sister, I am sure everything will be okay. I also heard that Alexander is not bad to the eyes either." She smiled, trying to make her sister laugh.

But when the ship continue to get close, Amalthea couldn't help but laugh at how tense her sister was getting. She gave her a light, gentle push as she laughed once more. "Calm down, you will be fine." She said again before feeling a strong breeze rush through him, causing her to let go of her sister's hand. The breeze sent Amalthea's hair flying as she covered her face with her lower arm as the breeze blew. And once it was over, Amalthea immediately looked up to see the ship had gotten even more close and she could catch a glimpse of Alexander. She smiled and grabbed her sister's hand once again. "Told you, not bad to the eyes." Amalthea said with a mischievous grin before laughing with her sister.

Amalthea's dress
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PostSubject: Re: Arrival of the Fiance [Tag: Marina & Company]   

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Arrival of the Fiance [Tag: Marina & Company]
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