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 Naveen Greyjoy

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Naveen Greyjoy
Naveen Greyjoy

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NAME: Naveen Greyjoy
AGE: 26

HOUSE: Greyjoy
FAMILY MEMBERS: Sinbad Greyjoy (brother), Lina Greyjoy (sister)

OCCUPATION: Newly-appointed Head of House Greyjoy; Master of Ships in Queen's Council

PERSONALITY: With a lust for adventure, Naveen generally has a carefree attitude about life. Daring and charming, he tends to flirt with many and has a small reputation throughout Westeros of his fooling around. He makes frequent trips to local taverns with his crew and shares lavish tales of his adventures. He is playfully teasing to his siblings but after his new pushes to responsibility, he has become more grounded and stern towards Sinbad. Sinbad is the only person that he tries to be more serious with now, but old habits die hard and he still tends to go about his carefree ways with everybody else. He tends to be one who tries to run away from problems first and may put on a tough sailor exterior at times, but deep down values those closest to him the most. He would selflessly do almost anything to protect them, which could make him vulnerable.

HISTORY: Naveen was born in Pyke and grew up the oldest brother of his two siblings, Lina and Sinbad. Their upbringing was unconvential and the siblings would head butts often. He spent most of his late teens and early adulthood sailing the seas, escaping the idea of being the heir and future Lord Reaper of Pyke. Due to his constant travelling, he never maintained a stable relationship and had various flings throughout Westeros. Many years passed and the time was approaching when the current head, their mother, would pass. He and his siblings were never the most responsible (save for Lina) but as Naveen began to realize how much Sinbad detested the house name, he tried to straighten up a little bit to set a better example. As a result, he joined the council as the Master of Ships in an attempt to also give the Greyjoys a better name. Recently, their mother has passed away and now Naveen has been inducted as the new head of House Greyjoy. Struggling to adjust, he finds himself being pressured to end his old ways and find a wife to continue the family lineage.

EXTRA: His main vessel is named The Leviathan, sometimes nicknamed as The Drowned Maiden by the crew members due to ghost stories related to the ship. He is also extremely overprotective over his ship and treats it like it were a child to him.
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Naveen Greyjoy
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