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 Sinbad Greyjoy (WIP)

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Sinbad Greyjoy


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PostSubject: Sinbad Greyjoy (WIP)   Sat Aug 09, 2014 4:16 am

Name: Sinbad Greyjoy

Age: 24

House(s): Greyjoy

Family Members: Naveen(Older brother) Lina(Younger sister)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Second born son of Asha Greyjoy

Personality: (WIP) Sinbad is quite the spirited kind who speaks his mind openly, not shamed of what he says, at all. But does keep certain things to himself to keep away from the suspicions of others thinking that the Greyjoys might join the Game of thrones. He gets annoyed and peeved off when spoken to about politics of the kingdoms and his responsibilities, walking away from the person to either flirt or drink. Pretty much a lazy and joking attitude about things such as the Game, his duties, and the politics surrounding around him. He contradicts those with bits of history, being very blunt about it. Not caring if the history has a stinging affect upon those he speaks this to. Sinbad gets really seductive and flirtatious around those that catch his eye, also enjoying the stir that he causes for doing so. And the man does love his wine and victims.

Also, the young Greyjoy male is adventurous, paying those to borrow their ships to sail for a few days for traveling. Very much loves to travel and explore the other lands, rather than staying home at Pyke Castle. Adores to duel his crewmen to harmless swords and combat fights , being very obnoxious about his sword and combat skills. He can be a gentleman at times, but it becomes really tiring for a while. So any lady who wishes for a good mannered sailor to swoop them off away to the sea, would be very disappointed to find that Sinbad is not like that. He'd really only swoop them off to tavern room...

He keeps a facade to protect himself and his life from the game of thrones, hiding the fact that he is a player to be wary of. If put into a position to reveal his player, Sinbad would not hesitate to do so. It would probably even surprise his siblings who were so used to their brother being ignorant of politics and plots going around him.

History: Sinbad is the second son of Asha Greyjoy, the recent deceased Head of the Greyjoy house. Young Sinbad never did really got himself involved with politics and his duties as the second ironborn. Mostly enjoys his life with sailing and activities among those who catch his eye. Before Naveen, older brother, became the new head, both brothers were very much alike. But now his brother is the new Head, causing his eldest brother to be more responsible and stern upon Sinbad for his continuous antics of getting into trouble. Trying to get Sinbad to care more about their House. But the younger Greyjoy male still has no care about honoring the House name nor caring if he shames it. This earns him lectures, smacks across the head or stern gazes from both his brother and sister, Lina. Although unknown to the siblings, Sinbad does indded keep his eyes open to the plots, gossip, and politics among the houses. He just keeps quiet and says nothing about what he's seen or heard. Sinbad doesn't want anyone to think that he wants to be involved with the new game, although he absolutely has no interest whatsoever. Especially due to his knowledge of the old game of thrones after Robert Baratheon's and Eddard Stark's death. He knows what he's believed and claimed to be as the shameful, unruly second born. But he does not care. Sinbad only cares that others believe that he's just some second born who's prone to sleeping around with most, drinking up alcohol, attending many festivities, and sailing whenever he felt like it on ships that he pays to use for some time. He took Naveen's ship out once and that ended with horrible consequences due to his brother treating the ship like his child. If people think of him in such ways, then Sinbad could still resume his pleasurable enjoyable life for the meanwhile until somehow he's thrown into the game due to his House. When that happens, Sinbad will present a part of himself that he had been keeping shut off for most of his life. He'll become a player that the game of thrones would never forget.

Extra: Takes interest in both sexes. Is very open with this fact, not at all shamed about it either.
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Sinbad Greyjoy (WIP)
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