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 What if i kiss you now?

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Reth Montmayeur
Reth Montmayeur

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What if i kiss you now? Empty
PostSubject: What if i kiss you now?   What if i kiss you now? EmptyWed Apr 08, 2015 9:37 pm

It had been two days since he had seen Marina privately for the last time, deciding to give up on their affair. The decision had been pretty hard to make, but it was nothing compared to what keeping it meant. He couldn’t stop himself from thinking of Marina, every time he closed his eyes he could see her face and he couldn’t set himself free. He had spent all his free time in the brothels, but he couldn’t find satisfaction from the whores, it just wasn’t the same. He kept craving for her, for her soft skin, for the way she melted in his hands, even for her witty replies… What was wrong with him?!
Could it be... love?
No... no he shook the thought from his head. It couldn't be. He never developed feelings for the girls he slept with. He could grow fond of them, like them… but that was i! He never felt, thought, what he was feeling now for Marina… he sighed… it was just a matter of time, this sick obsession would pass sooner or later, he knew it, it had to…
He was trying to get that damn woman out of his mind, walking up and down in his room, when he spotted something out of the window: in the garden there was the reason of his angst, together with her fancy fiancee… kissing.
For a moment Reth’s mind went blank.
Then a raging jealousy exploded into his heart: no, this wasn’t ok, HE was the one supposed to kiss her, HE was the one who could touch her, not HIM, not this stupid prince, but HIM.
If he stayed, he would have surely ended up piercing the man with his sword. He needed a distraction.
He took his cloak and rushed out, directed toward the brothel.
Maybe he couldn’t get Marina out of his mind, but he could at least try to calm down a bit…

He was back in the castle only in the evening and, as he had guessed, not even the whores managed to take Marina away from his thoughts. It was pretty late but he wasn’t tired, not one bit, and he had no wish to spend the nigh tossing and turning in his bed: he left the tower and headed toward the castle’s library. Maybe a good book could have the power of distracting him…
He reached the library thinking that at such hour it would have been empty, instead before he even entered the room he could see that there was a light on. Weird…
He decided to get in anyway, but he really didn’t expect to find her there.
And from her expression, he could see she shared his surprise.
“Reh…” Marina stared at him, surprise made her unable to think of anything else to say.
“Marina…” he replied politely, slightly bowing.
That was awkward.
He shouldn’t have gone there…
With a second nod he turned around, starting to walk away: he situation was getting unbearable… he couldn’t even walk around without the risk to bump into her… and h still had to face her almost daily at the council reunions! How could he even supposed to do his job if he couldn’t focus? Maybe he just had to go back to Essos, give up on that alliance, or send someone else in his place… someone who wouldn’t have shivered in rage seeing the queen kissing someone else, kissing her fiancee…
And yet…
He stopped…
If he had to leave westeros, then he had no reason to back off.
And she still wasn’t married, and se waned him too, he knew that.
He turned back toward her and walked quickly in her direction.
Marina couldn’t hide her alarm as he started approaching her “Reth what are you…” but she couldn’t finish her phrase: He roughly pushed her toward the shelves of books, cornering her and kissing her with passion.
She tried to resist him but in the end she couldn’t help but kiss him back.
Oh gods he had missed her so much…
He didn’t know if what he felt was love or not, and in that moment he didn’t even care. He wanted her.
And she wanted him too…
Still kissing her, he lifted her skirt up on her hips, quickly getting rid of her smallclothes before he inserted two fingers inside her. She was wet already. He teased her a bit before he freed his erection from his pants and took her right there, in the library.
Screw any good intention, this felt just too good!

Only when he was back in his chambers, after leaving Marina with the promise to see her again soon, doubts started crawling back again into his mind….
What was he doing? He was playing a risky game… and he had never played with politic matters before!
He spent the night tossing and turning: should he give up on Marina? Could he? He knew he didn’t want to… But could he risk messing around with her, with her fiancee and, gods forbid, with the whole westeros like that? Wasn’t maybe wiser to just go back to Essos? But in that case, couldn’t he just wait a little bit more and enjoy the little time he had with Marina?
By early morning, he was far more confused and he just didn’t know what to do.
Out of frustration and desperation, he took a sheet of paper and a pen and wrote a short letter.

My dear uncle
My time in westeros is being far more interesting and intense than I originally expected. I’m covering my position working hard to fulfill the honor it represents, but there are times when I do wish you could be here to give me your advises.
Send my most heartfelt greetings to Irima and Lily-Rose.
Warm regards
Your devoted nephew
Prince Reh Montmayeur of Kharos

It was just a short, vague message, but fearing his message could be read by others Reth preferred to keep it this way. After all he knew his uncle would get what he wanted. And he could only hope he’d hurry to arrive…
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What if i kiss you now?
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