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 Reth Montmayeur

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Reth Montmayeur
Reth Montmayeur

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Reth Montmayeur


Mountmayeur (House from Essos)

Family members:
Dymas Mountmayeur (uncle)

Prince of Kharos, Head of the House Mountmayeur, hand of the queen

Reth is an honest and loyal man, he has a great sense of justice and he takes really seriously is duty as head of his house. Although he is really good at what he does, people might not think much about him when they first meet him: he has a relaxed attitude and a tendency to joke around. He is a great warrior, even though he doesn’t like fighting and wars and prefer to avoid them. He enjoys having fun, especially if wine and women are implied, but he firmly believes that his duties and his private life are two totally different things.

Reth is the only son of Isabeau and Ian Montmayeur and head of one of the most important houses in Essos. His parents died when he was 8 and he was raised by his uncle, Dymas Montmayeur (his father’s brother). His uncle acted as head of the house until he was 18, moment when Reth took the job, but since then he continued to be his mentor and o help him. Reth always tried his best to be a good leader and took care of his people, increasing the contact with Westeros. Now that the situation in Westeros is getting more troubled and the queen needs a new hand for her council, it looks like the queen could use the help of his house and country. In order to help Westeros and benefit from this alliance, Reth has taken agreements with the queen to be the new hand in her council, leaving his uncle to look after the country once again.

Reth is prince of Kharos (former unknown lands in Essos), he will become King once he gets marries.
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Reth Montmayeur
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