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 Dymas Montmayeur

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Dymas Montmayeur


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PostSubject: Dymas Montmayeur   Sat Mar 07, 2015 8:26 pm

Dymas Montmayeur


Mountmayeur (House from Essos)

Family members:
Reth Montmayeur (nephew),

Regent of the house Montmayeur

Dymas is a wise man, but he doesn’t always act like one: he is a funny man, who has no problems admitting his limits. He has a gentle heart that sometimes can even be a problem. He has a strong sense of just, that’s only overcome by the love he feels for his nephew, that he considers more like a son, and his two daughters.

Dymas is Ian Montmayeur’s younger brother. Being the second born, he had more freedom than his brother and could travel a lot in his youth. He came back to stay only when, at the age of 31, he was bethroded to a young noble girl, Arya, who was 18. He didn’t mind staying, and that made the joy of his young nephew, who always looked up to him. When he was 37 his dear brother and his wife died, leaving him to take care of their only son and heir to the throne. He took upon himself the role of regent, even if he had no ambition to reign whatsoever. He raised his nephew like his own son, teaching him all he knew, and even when his nephew was able to reign, he stayed by his side as his consoler. Meanwhile he had two daughters from his young wife, to whome he gave more love than knowledge and discipline: those two things, being the two of the gentle gender, were reserved to their mother, and after she died to their tutors. Arya died when she was still young, leaving him and his daughters to mourn her. Dymas couldn’t say he loved her romantically, but she had been a good friend and a good wife and he did miss her a lot. In fact, even after he became a widow, he kept being faithful to her memory...

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Dymas Montmayeur
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