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 Irri Storm

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Irri Storm


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PostSubject: Irri Storm   Sat Aug 16, 2014 7:27 pm

Name: Irri Storm

Age: 6

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): Baratheon (bastard)

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Miguel Baratheon (Father), Azuria (Mother)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): bastard child of baratheon house

Personality: Irri is extremely shy around new people and tends to cling to those that she knows when in strange or new places. Growing up in a brothel she knows of things that other children have no clue of and actually understands very well. Because of her mother's lysian heritage Irri prefers speaking Valyrian instead of Westeros Common which she and her mother speak fluently. She struggled speaking common Westoros but knows a few words and phrases mostly learned from her time in her mothers care which is not always suited for polite company though is always said with such sweet innocence its hard to tell if she even knows what the words imply. Once she has warmed up to someone though Irri is a happy child who is a bit used to being free to run around and do what she wants so she doesn't like listening to adults as much as she should nor does she even know how to act like a proper lady. When upset at someone she tends to puff up her cheeks and pout.

She is the result of a passionate few nights between the lysian matron of a brothel Azuria and Miguel Baratheon. When she was born she knew nothing of her parentage and grew up under the care of her mother and the prostitutes in the brothel. She ran and bounded through the halls unaware of the life she could be leading simply carefree. Though times got tough, and while her mother had plans to simply return home to lys with Irri she became ill. With her mother unable to take care of her and the brothel falling to new ownership her mother decided it was best that Irri finally be introduced to her father so that she had a chance for a good life.

-Irri cannot read or write as of yet but she can swim
-Her favorite thing to do is dance
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Irri Storm
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