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 Pips Storm {WIP}

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Pips Storm


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PostSubject: Pips Storm {WIP}   Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:54 am

Pips Storm



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Pips doesn’t easily give his trust to anyone, and he doesn’t let other people approach him easily. He’s quite a good thief, with his small body and light weight he can easily pass unnoticed and he is quite good to pickpocket without even leave the person feel it. He’s also quite good with knives, even if that’s about it for him when it comes about possible ways to fight. He’s not exactly a good fighter, he will always avoid a direct fight if he can, but he can be cunning enough when he wants to, and he usually is agile enough not to stay in certain kind of troubles for long. He’s not exactly stupid, but he’s aware of his limits and he surely is not as bright as his friend Loki. He is, though, quite touchy, especially about his hair. He got used to be less about his scars and his weight, but he’s still not happy when people point those things out. He is also pretty discreet when it comes about his sexuality: he’s not a virgin, he had sex with some willing girl, but he never got what all the fuss was about. Probably since he had to deal with the fact his mother was a whore, his relationship with sex wasn’t easy, and he never even evaluated the hypothesis to do it with a man. Not like many people didn’t even try to rape him, but even as a child he managed to fight them off and in the end he preferred to be beaten up by those people than fucked.

Pips is the bastard son of a whore and he lived almost his whole life in the streets. His mother wasn't exactly loving and caring, since the very beginning Pips had to pretty much take care of himself, in fact he ended up living here and there since he was an infant. He couldn't even remember when he abandoned his mother's side, nowadays he's not even sure what she looked like. He remember pretty well where she worked though, and not with fondness...
As a child, he received help from many people, but it was rarely for free: many groups of criminals had various use for little kids, and he was soon introduced to such a life. He had no concept of good and wrong, and at least in this way he had something to eat, and he felt like he belonged somewhere. It was almost like he had a family… sure, he had to pay if he wasn’t able to give the thugs what they wanted, he was beaten if he didn’t do what they said, and they kept insulting him, but it was still better than nothing. He was often insulted especially for his red hair, that in the people’s minds were something like a curse, an evil’s sign.
He stayed in this kind of groups until he was a little older than 9, when, during a robbery, he was arrested. He cried for help, the other thieves could have easily helped him, but they preferred to run away with the money, leaving him in the guards’s hands. He was first sent to jail and then to penal servitude. He hated every minute of it. Two main things happened while he was in prison: he developed strong trust issues, as well as a phobia toward imprisonment. And to match his inner scars, he got some new scars on his body as well.
He managed to escape when he was almost 11, and swore to himself he would never work in group again, nor give other people his trust. He stared leaving in the streets, on his own, sleeping where he could, stealing what he could… it wasn’t an easy life, especially for such a young boy, but at least he was in charge of himself and there was no one that could backstab him.
When he was 12 he met for the first time Loki: it was a rainy day and the boys found themselves sharing the same dark alley as bedroom. It was such a cold night and they were both freezing, they ended up sleeping next to each other to warm themselves up, and in a way or another they started bonding. They didn’t become friends altogether, they didn’t even start living together, but they kept meeting each other quite often and in the end they started bonding at a deeper level.
Both the boys were fond on their freedom and they weren’t ready to give that up, but as the time passed by and they kept meeting up, they started first to be willing and then happy to share some time together, as well as shelter or food or ‘work’. Loki ended up being the only one that managed to make Pips break his promise to never trust anyone else: over the years, in fact, the boy began to trust him and nowadays Loki is still the only person feels like calling ‘friend’.
Pips life since he was 12 didn’t change much: he travelled around, sometimes on his own, sometimes with Loki, more rarely with someone else, stealing what he needed and now and then accepting some easy and quick job.

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Pips Storm {WIP}
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