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 John Tully

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John Tully


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PostSubject: John Tully   Thu Aug 14, 2014 6:33 am

Name: John Tully
Face character: John Smith
Age: 20
House: House Tully
Allies: House Stark
Role/Occupation: Being raised to become the Lord of Riverrun

Personality: John can seem bland at first sight. He is not one to open himself up to just anyone, and in situations where he need to interact with other people he hides behind his flat facade of courtesies and charms. This charades makes him grow bored quite easily, but his life has taught him to endure such things and to always do his duty regardless.
When he eventually lets people close to him, he can be surprisingly caring and generous. At the same time he can become ferociously angry with anyone who chooses to take advantage of said generosity. In a world full of backstabbing, hatred and lies, John is an idealist having been safely secured behind his castle walls since birth. Though aware of the cruelty of the world he has yet to become discouraged, and still believes firmly in honor and duty.

History: John Tully was born to the Lord Tully of Riverrun as his first born son. As such, he has been raised for lordship his entire life. Due to his important role to the House, he was early trained in all sorts of combat, and though he greatly prefers sword fighting he is also skilled in bow and arrow. He is also quite groomed in other aspects of being a Lord, such as ballroom dancing, horseback riding and courtesies.
On John's eighteenth name day he was promised to Jane Mormont, daughter of the Lord Mormont, in an effort to strengthen their Houses. Though an arranged marriage was not to his liking, his family words had been such an important part of his life from birth he could not forsake them.
In an attempt not to make his duty harder he decided then that he should not grow fond of other women, though he before that had been quite the charmer. Otherwise he has avoided the thought of his future bride. He scarcely dares think about how she will be, though his mother consistently tries to convince him that Jane is absolutely wonderful.
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John Tully
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