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 Miguel Baratheon

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Miguel Baratheon

Miguel Baratheon

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Name: Miguel Baratheon

Age: 23

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): Baratheon

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Phillip Baratheon (cousin), Shireen Baratheon (mother),

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Baratheon nobleman, next in line as head of house should Phillip die with no heirs, Painter, 'The Heart Breaker of Baratheon'

Personality: Miguel is unlike most of his relatives, with the exception of his kind and sweet mother and the current head of the house. While the majority of those who have Baratheon blood in them are known to be temperamental -even his mother possessed a temper- Miguel is rather gentle-minded and carefree. It takes quite a lot to make him angry, and even then it is no where near the famous Baratheon temper but rather mere frustration and the silent treatment if you truly angered him. He is a kind man, always willing to give a helping hand to those in need and especially to his family should they need it of him. The idea of fighting with family leaves a bad taste in his mouth, especially given the history around his grandfather and great uncles.

Instead he'd rather good feelings be abound and tries to be the peacemaker should a family dispute ever arise. Of course his tame nature and fair features have left him as quite the oddball of the Baratheon house and whispers have been made about him behind his back. Even more so given his flirtatious nature as well. For Miguel loved to flirt with a lovely soul. He had bewitched many a maiden with his charming smiles and flirtatious words never caring about their physical appearance, only to break their hearts when he moved on to charming another girl. He also had a habit of sleeping around, although he refused to bed a virgin for he believed such an action should only be done by the husband.

Unbeknownst to all save his mother, Miguel had not just a taste for women but also men. Secretly he would find men who had similar tastes to himself and give his same flirtatious and charming nature. Of course in public eye he has on occasion acted somewhat flirtatious with men, but often played it off as a joke to tease the others. And occasionally it truly was nothing more than a joke to loosen up those such as his distant and uptight cousins.

History: Miguel was born the only son to Shireen Baratheon whom was the only child of Stannis Baratheon and his wife. Shireen married young, a couple years after she flowered when she was six and ten, to a distant cousin of the Baratheon house who saw past the disfiguring scars caused by Greyscale. Miguel was born in the early years of their union, Shireen becoming a young mother. His green eyes made many gossip at the possibility of being a bastard child, as both parents had dark eyes, but the rumor was put to rest as his facial structure was much like his father's as he grew a little older.

Miguel was a sweet boy, taking after his mother in many ways. He often stayed near her in his childhood, save for when his father wished to take him somewhere. His mother did not go with them, hardly ever leaving their home and in his naive days he didn't understand why. It wasn't until he heard the gossiping of relatives that he realized that others thought his mother hideous because of her greyscale and felt sorry for his father for having such an ugly bride. It was the only time he had ever shown his family's temper, screaming at the gossiping relatives and throwing whatever he found at them while calling them the ugly ones.

He was scolded and punished for his misbehaving, and when returned home his mother expressed how she was thankful that he wanted to defend her but also stated that fighting with family could lead to disaster. And thus told him the story about his grandfather, who had died of old age at this time, and his brothers. Disagreements and fighting occurred among them, and when the eldest died, his grandfather tried to take the throne. Which caused a war. And through that war the youngest brother died and a different house took the throne. Which left his grandfather angry and lashed out at his lover, who had promised him he would win, before growing into despair. His despair, added with his old age, left him to take ill and felt worried for his mortality and lack of sons, not thinking his daughter would marry given her face. So he had his older brother legitimized so that there would be an heir to Baratheon.

Hearing how fighting among family had gotten his grandfather and great uncles destroyed, Miguel felt bad and promised to night fight with family ever again. He hadn't wanted to end up like them. However as he grew older, he did find himself sharing some traits of his great uncles without even realizing it. No one realized what similarity he shared with Renly, one even he did not know about as he took notice of men for the first time, but as he became a man and started a reputation of flirting and sleeping around many wondered if he would be like Robert. However, other than his act of breaking hearts and mastering the bedroom arts, he held no other shared characteristics.

At the age of ten and seven, his father passed away due to an infection he received from an injury. Miguel's mother was devastated and he did his best to comfort his grieving mother. What cheered her up most was his music and paintings. Since then, he has done his best to take care of her, even selling his paintings to ensure they would not run out of money.

Extra: Miguel enjoys to paint and can often be found painting a landscape or someone's portrait. If not painting, then he is playing on some instrument to fill the air with music.
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Miguel Baratheon
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