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Naveen Greyjoy

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PostSubject: THE RULES    Tue Jul 29, 2014 7:14 pm


1. Before RPing with others, be sure to create a Character Profile with the basic information in the template.

2. It is advised to look through the encyclopedia for information and descriptions on certain people, places, etc. It has a lot of information and descriptions, so while you may not have to read all of them--definitely read the ones that apply to the entire world in this RP. Feel free to refer to it anytime during the RP as well. You are free to ask questions if there is any confusion.

3.  Be active! Remember that your character is a part of this RP and that your inactivity affects any characters that require a plot with your character or if your presence is required in an event. So please be mindful, and if you are going to be inactive for a justifiable explanation such as vacation, let us know and we will try our best to keep your character alive. If a player is inactive for more than a month without a warning and/or an explanation, the player will receive a warning, if he/she doesn’t answer within a week and changes the situation within 2 weeks, the characters he owns will be set up for adoption or killed (of course, if the player has a particular necessity we’ll try to understand, but it would be better if it was signaled with a post and/or a pm). If a single character is inactive for two months, the player will will receive a warning, if he/she doesn't answer within two week and changes the situation within a month, the character will be set up for adoption or killed.

4. No Godmodding!! Your characters are likely not all-knowing of everything that is going on around them, so try to keep situations realistic. As well, if you choose for your character to possess some magical abilities--then please ask us if it is okay first and make sure that their magic is not too powerful.

5. Respect your fellow RPers. Be nice and good sports to each other, and don't get mad at any RPer for the way a character acts. Remember, somebody could play the cruelest character in the world but that does not mean it is a reflection on themselves. As well, if characters are enemies in the RP--that does not mean that you should act like enemies to the RPer either.


• We have a chat-box! So let's try to all talk to each other in there. As well, it would be easier to plot in there than through PMs.

• Help each other out with plots! Try to find plots with some RPers who may be new, lost, or have no threads. We would like everybody to have a fair chance of participating in this RP.

• You are allowed to create a new character anytime throughout the RP, so long as you get our approval. You do not have to go through the audition process again. After getting our approval, you can register the character right away. Animals and pets are allowed to be played and do not count as proper characters. There isn’t anymore a character limit: you can have as many charries as you want, as long as you show you can rp all of them, and you can't ask for more character if you have inactive ones. The character limit right now is 5.

• If there are any questions or concerns, you can always notify any of us at anytime and we will respond as soon as we can.

• Ranks of characters are designated by their icon. A golden frame signifies a head of a house, a silver frame represents any character apart of a house that isn't the head. A wooden frame signifies a character that belongs to no house, a Dothraki, or a wildling. A white frame signifies a God. Crests in the bottom corners of a frame signifies that the character is a member of the Queen's council or Queensguard. If during anytime during the RP, a character's situation changes--then their icon may be modified as well to represent the change. (ex. A death would result in a grayscale icon, and a new appointing of a head would change a frame to golden.)
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