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 Alexander of Braavos [WIP]

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Alexander Macedon


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PostSubject: Alexander of Braavos [WIP]   Thu Aug 07, 2014 9:35 pm

Name: Alexander Macedon

Age: 38

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): Braavos (not a house but a city I know),

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Older Brother, the Sealord of Braavos whom he would follow anywhere

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): First Sword to the Sealord, 'Diplomat', arranged fiance to the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms


History: Born as the second son to his family, Alexander was blessed to being born as fire kissed for on top his head were crimson locks. His was raised within the Free City of Braavos -from where he and his ancestors before him were born- rich and powerful from its market and bank. Like many other boys within the city, he took up learning the knowledge of sailing and swordsmanship. He and his brother worked hard in such skills and and as they grew into men became Bravos. Though his brother was far more skilled, Alexander proved quite talented in the sword art of Water Dancing. A fact that took many opponents by surprise due to the misleading appearance of his body that would make one think him incapable of swift and agile grace the sword technique required.

But Braavos and its swordsmanship was not enough for the man, for he had a curiosity about the rest of Essos and even those from the Seven Kingdoms. And so as he reached his two and twentieth year of life (twenty years after he had received his name) he boarded onto a ship and began to sail the sea. He spent five years travelling along the sea and coastlines, boarding at different areas of Essos and exploring the landscape.

Through his travels he fought at many occasions against Dothraki raiders, only to be defeated by him and his traveling companions. And with his victories, he freed whatever slaves the raiders had with them. By the time he returned home, his skin was tanned from his travels to the south and his muscles grew more from the sailing. He brought back the slaves he rescued to Bravvos, so that they could live without fear of being taken by Dothraki warriors again.

And upon returning, he discovered his brother became the new Sealord, earning the title in battle after the death of the previous one. Upon visiting him in the palace, Alexander told his brother of his tales and adventures around Essos and of the slaves he rescued. Impressed and joyous of his brother's deeds, the newly pointed Sealord held a banquet in his younger brother's honor. And during the festivities, it was revealed to Alexander that the First Sword was retiring from his position to become an instructor in sword fighting. And with that, his brother wanted him to his place as he knew his brother's skill with the sword and his deeds throughout Essos proved he had the means to protect Braavos and their Sealord.

Alexander accepted it without hesitation.

The next years found Alexander at his brother's side and keeping the city safe from any intruders. He seen battles and treaties with the other free cities come and gone and helped keep Bravos sharp and skilled, ready for anything at a moments notice. He also gave council and stood beside his brother as the man dealt with those from the Seven Kingdoms. Such as the transgression done by a member of the small council to the then Queen. The transgression was that the man had, though the work of his servants, kidnap several of the lower class members of the city to sell as slaves in the Seven Kingdoms. When it was discovered, the Sealord was outrage and had the man arrested when he was next within the city with the plans to punish him greatly.

However, the arrest caused anger with the rest of the small council who where handling the affairs of the Seven Kingdoms as the queen of that time was old and ill. There was a heavy dispute for the release of the man, in which the Sealord refused to release him and would not give details about the reason behind the arrest. All that was revealed was that the councilman had committed a crime of great nature and would be punished as such within Braavos. With the lack of communication and both sides refusing to budge, the threat of war grew on the horizon. So much so that the Sealord cut off all trade between Braavos and the Seven Kingdoms, increasing the tension. Alexander was sure that it wouldn't be long before the Seven Kingdoms sailed their way with war ships and soldiers. But Alexander and his brother were influential men. Influential men who got their own troops prepared as well as inspire those of the other free cities to rally up. Who was the Seven Kingdoms to deny those that ruled in Essos how to deal with their criminals and prisoners?

As as they rallied up the other free cities, the queen of the Seven Kingdoms died. The Sealord saw this as an opportunity and executed the imprisoned council member for his crimes, returning his head to the capital of the other kingdom while his body was left to rot in the sea. The small council did not take well to the delivered head and were ready to cry war, but with the preparations for the coronation underway there was no time to rally the troops. So instead, they thought it best to discuss the 'atrocity' with the soon to be new queen in the hopes that when she was crowned she would see it their way and declare war on Braavos.

Clearly it did not go well, for the Sealord was given notice for a call of a treaty, so that no blood would be shed and all transgressions swept under the covers. Meetings were held, with Alexander among them to ensure his ruler and brother was safe. Negotiations and arguments of who was in the wrong and who would get what in signs of good faith over the matter were made. And it seemed as if neither side really wanted to give in. His brother saw no reason to be considered at fault, punishing a criminal regardless if he was a foreign power. And the small council couldn't stand by as the Essos 'barbarians' dealt away with their elite and demanded some kind of compensation in this 'treaty.'

The negations lasted long, to the point that the heir was crowned and a new queen sat upon the throne. And she made quick to set the disputes to rest. What was offered seemed satisfactory enough, but the Sealord wanted reassurance that should anything like what happened again, the matter would be handled fairly within his rights to act out punishment. And so, he demanded a union between the Seven Kingdoms and Braavos.

The marriage of the Queen to his First Sword.

Alexander hand't been expecting that, but he saw no need to deny what his brother asked of him. He would do anything for his brother and Braavos. And he held no negative feelings for the newly crowned queen, tasked with cleaning up the mess left by her predecessor. And when the marriage proposal was accepted, a marriage contract was then created of what was expected of both parties and what acts would annul the union. When the contract was made to both parties satisfaction, Alexander was brought back to Baavos to gather his things and prepare to move to the capital as trade was opened back. The marriage itself was not planned to occur anytime soon, Alexander wishing to learn more of the culture of his new homeland and get to know his future wife before their fate was sealed.

Before leaving, he gave names of those he thought would make good First Sword's in his place, though a new one would not be selected until his marriage.

Extra: Like many from Braavos, Alexander is very religiously tolerant and follows a few different ones himself.
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Alexander of Braavos [WIP]
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