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Marina Targaryen

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PostSubject: THE INTERNET HATES ME .... SEROUSLY >.<    Tue Aug 05, 2014 7:57 pm

Okay I´ll try to make this quick because i have no idea how long i got internet >.< ... anyways i´m on an island right now and the internet suddenly died on sunday and they STILL couldn´t make it work ... seriously i´m as annoyed as you are T_T

Anyways, firstly I´m trying to get the first event over as soon as possible xD secondly since I have no idea how my connection will be the next week before i´m finally home with much more stabile internet i´ll change the 2nd event stuff. So, feel free to say with event you want so we can vote and ofc feel free to plot however you want now xD I WILL GET YOU SOMEWHEN ELSE IN ONE PLACE MWHAHAHAHAHAH *goes to kill the internet* one day i will get my revenge dear internet T_T *runs for posting*
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