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 Nita Reed of House Reed

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Nita Reed

Nita Reed

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PostSubject: Nita Reed of House Reed   Nita Reed of House Reed EmptyTue Aug 05, 2014 2:13 pm

Name: Nita Reed

Age: 17

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): House Reed, sworn to house Stark

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Meera Reed(mother) Greta Lannister (Cousin) Garrett Mormont (Husband)

Role/Job/Occupation: Hunter.

Personality: Kind, sweet and adventurous. Also very easy to hurt if someone bullies her.

History: Nita is the only daughter of Meera Reed. Like her uncle, Jojen Reed, she's been gifted with the greensight. Years later she discovered her ability of skinchanging. Like her grandfather and mother, she's sworn an oath to House Stark if they need help. When Nita was a little girl, her mother told her the stories when she helped Bran Stark to get to the Three eyed crow. She also heard the stories off when her grandfather fought alongside Eddard Stark at the Tower of Joy. Since then, Nita wished to see the world and explore it. So she trained to use the spear from her mother and how to hunt.

Extra: The only weapon Nita use so far is a spear for hunting and fighting if needed. Nita is also looking for a man she can be married with one day, by love.
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Nita Reed of House Reed
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