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 Jane Tully

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Jane Tully
Jane Tully

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Jane Tully


Tully, former Mormont

Jeor Mormont (father), Anne Mormont (mother), Garrett Mormont (brother), Cedric Mormont (brother), Eilonwy Mormont (sister), Damian Mormont (brother), John Tully (husband)

Being raised to marry and become a lady, now John Tully's wife

Jane is a perfect example of what a lady should be... well, maybe not perfect, but she is surely close enough. She has been prepared during her whole life for this: she is able to sew, to cook (cause even if a lady doesn't cook she should be able to do so), to administrate the servants, she knows how to play the harp, how to sing and how to dance. She knows how to ride horses as well, and she loves it: she has a soft spot for all the animals and she loves to spend time in the nature. She likes to read and hear stories as well, and she knows many of them. Even though her mother tried to teach her about politics, she never managed to get interested in it, nor to memorize enough on the subject.
Beside all this, Jane is a sweet girl, still a child under many aspects and often really naive. Even though she has learnt well her mother's lessons, she is often clumsy and awkward, and that makes her shy whenever she meets someone new. She still hasn't experimented anything really bad in her life, as she lived in a really protected environment. She is usually quiet and introvert and usually doesn't show her true colors. She smiles often and tries to see the good side in every situation, even when it's hard to so so.

Jane Mormont is the daughter of Lord and Lady Mormont of Bear Island. When she was born her older brothers Garrett and Cedric were 9 years old and therefore they weren't too interested in the newborn, while her, on the other hand, grew really fond really quickly on her two brothers. As a child, she admired them a lot and always whished to spend time with them. When she was 2 her mother gave birth to her younger sister Eilonwy. She loved immediatly her sister, having finally someone of her own age to play with. Growing up, her father and brothers tried to make her learn to fight and use weapons, as the tradition of Bear Island wanted, but she never showed any interest in that and she had really no talent in the field. Her mother, who wasn't born in Bear Island, always approved her decision and discouraged her from doing anything that wasn't ladylike enough. She was raised to be a perfect lady, and even though at the beginning it was hard for her to accept all the rules, she grew up to be exacly what her family wanted her to be. When she was 14, she was promised to John Tully of Riverrun: she was both thrilled and scared at the news, as she had never met the boy before and she had always hoped to marry for love. When she turned 15 she wrote a letter to her husband-to-be, expressing in that action her hope to be able to have a love marriage after all. Soon after the coronatiom she'll leave her house to go to Riverrun with her two brothers and sister where she'll finally meet her soon to be husband and marry him.

Player: Bleedgirl/Ludo (Jane Mormont-Tully, Carriae Rivers, Eric Tully, Olena Lannister, Anne Mormont, Greta Reed)
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Jane Tully
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