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 Sarahae Tyrell

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Sarahae Tyrell


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PostSubject: Sarahae Tyrell   Tue Aug 05, 2014 8:10 am

--------------------------------------- ♦ --------------------------------------

Name : Sarahae Tyrell (formerly Arryn by birth)

Age : 36

House : Tyrell (by marriage), Arryn (by birth)

Family members : Robin Arryn (father),Anastasia Tyrell (niece), Jimena Arryn (sister-in-law), Cassandra Arryn (sister)

Role/Occupation : Lady of the House Tyrell of Highgarden

Personality : Sarahae is a very gentle person, always showing kindness and love, even since her youngests years. Since the loss of her child, she's very protective of the well-being of her family and try to give them as much attention as she can.
Intelligent, fierce and independant, she's not the perfect lady type : her reputation among the different houses is the one of a fierce opponent as well in battlefield than in the court; her vivacity with words known of everyone. She knows exactly how to handle her opponent during a conflict, even the toughest.

History : She's the eldest daughter of the House Arryn and the first one to get married. She's only 15 when she is bethrothed to Dymas Tyrell, the brother of the Head of the House who's 15 years older than her.  The mariage is celebrated during her 17th year and at the surprise of both family, her husband and her fall slowly in love. He was her entire world. After 3 years, she finally got pregnant and gave birth to a little boy. Her happiness however, end brutally at her 27th birthday... An illness took away her husband and their child, leaving Sarahae alone for the rest of her life. Now, her family is the most precious thing in her life, especially her niece Anya whom she considers as her daughter .

Extra : She's always wearing a necklace with the portrait of her beloved child and husband.
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Sarahae Tyrell
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