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 Khanrah Wormdor

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Khanrah Wormdor


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PostSubject: Khanrah Wormdor   Sun Aug 03, 2014 3:17 pm

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Name : Khanrah Wormdor

Age : 27

House : Baseborn of the Leader of The Unsullied and a Lady of Astapor.

Family members : Najeb Wormdor (father), Tya of Ghis (mother)

Role/Occupation : Member of the Unsullied, Trainer of the new recruits and First startegist.

Personality : Khanrah could be described as a lonely wolf : he never shows his emotions and always keep control of himself. Growing with the greatest warriors of Astapor, he followed with application the training of the Unsullied and became one of the most respected. His mother offered him a good education, giving him the possibility to be a diplomat for the city of Astapor.

History :

Khanrah is the only child of Lady Tya, a noble woman of Astapor and Najeb Wormdor, the Leader of the Unsullied. Unlike the majority of the other Unsullied, Khanrah ins't an eunuch. His mother protected him by keeping her son with her until his 7th birthday, and accepted that her child followed the training of his father at the only condition that he won't become an eunuch.

He grew up with the Unsullied : following their training, fighting with them, earning their respect... Once he became a fierce warrior, his father charged him to train the new recruits and put him as the bodyguard of his mother. Now, he's considered as one of the most powerful leader of the Unsullied.

Extra : He loves deeply his mother and whorship her. She's the only one who can see his kind side. He's always keeping the armor she had offered him.
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Khanrah Wormdor
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