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 Anastasia Tyrell

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Anastasia Tyrell


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PostSubject: Anastasia Tyrell   Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:52 am

Name: Anastasia Tyrell, Anya

Age: 22

House(s): Tyrell

Personality: Anya is rebellious and a free spirit. She loves to have fun in any way she can due to her stifling home life. Anya engages in drinking contests with the servants whom she can outdrink since they only have the cheap alcohol. Anya is persistent and comes up with well thought out plans. She doesn't take no for an answer.

History: Anya is daddy's little girl. She assists him on his journeys (mostly due to her wanderlust) and helps him with his Head of house duties. She's fought with him on the battlefield and likes to be anywhere but home. Everyone assumes that she's happy because of her behavior when in truth she's very sad.

Extra: Anastasia does love her first name, but she insists on others to call her Anya to prevent them from jumbling up their words. Since she's the daughter of the head of the house, everyone in there calls her Anastasia. Anya ran away from home in search of love and adventure in the beginning of the roleplay.
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Anastasia Tyrell
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