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 Akhesa Martell

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Akhesa Martell


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PostSubject: Akhesa Martell   Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:58 pm

Name: Akhesa Martell

Age: 18

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): House Martell

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Arienne Martell (mother), Soma Martell (brother)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Princess of Dorne

Personality: If people believe her brother is a seducer and demon then to most Akhesa must be a true devil. She is an un-apologetically flirtatious tease of a woman who delights in the corruption of supposedly the morally unrighteous or virtuously innocent. Unlike her brother Akhea does not mind being alone from time to time in fact there are times she insists on it. Also she is very dominant and has the personality more suited for those who wish for a wilder experience. Most like a feline though her temperament can change at a moments notice and she likes things done on her time not to mention she is prone to taking naps in the middle of the day. But like her brother she accepts flirtatious advances from either gender, and beyond that she is known to even tease her own brother. She cares for her older brother so much that she is actually horribly possesive of him and has even scared off a few of his paramours when she deemed them unworthy of her brother. Her goal for him is to find him a good match. Scandalous is the tame and polite word to describe her and her behavior... she is very aware of the game of thrones but is not a true player instead she just observes and occasionally switches around pieces to mix things up but she has no true goals or aspirations for any kind of throne. Her biggest flaw is her impassiveness in a lot of ways, she could be a good diplomat or political player but she simply does not and she runs from any chance to become head of her house or anything greater then what she is. It is a lot of wasted potential but she sacrifices it for her freedom. The expression of such freedom comes from the sound of her songs which she has used to charm men and women alike, if her brothers weapon is his cute face then hers is her voice.

History: Akhesa is the daughter of Arianne Martell and sister to Soma Martell. Her parentage in terms of her paternal lineage is questionable due to her bright blue eyes which makes her stand out from other Martell's but no one has dared call her a bastard. So she was doted on and spoiled like her brother taking advantage of her position as a princess. She was nothing but a hellion and still is for her grandfather who wanted a proper child but got another grandchild who was worse then the first. When restricts were set to be put upon her it was her mother that saved her from the fate of a early marriage. She and her brother were thick as thieves all throughout their childhood but little hellions around the castle. Unlike her brother she did not visit brothels but instead surrounded herself with many gorgeous men and women of varying noble ranks which started when she was 15. When she turn 17 she took over one of the Martell's ships and escaped away to Essos with a small group of companions for a year doing gods knows what with who knows who. Though there were certainly a whole host of rumors as to what was going on with her. It was only upon hearing that the coronation that was to be held called her back well that and the warning from her grandfather that Akhesa sailed back to Westeros to join her family at the coronation.

- Akhesa is very skilled with a whip, dont ask how
- Akhesa knows many languages the most notable being some languages of Essos including Dothraki, the reason for this is because of her love of music she wishes secretly to know every song she can no matter the language.
- It is rumored that she once took a female as her paramour at age 14 but no one could prove it the woman in question was soon married to a nobleman of dorne a match Akhesa supposedly arranged, other then that there has been no confessed paramour male or female since
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Akhesa Martell
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