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 Ragnar "Ruber" Frey

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Ragnar "Ruber " Frey


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PostSubject: Ragnar "Ruber" Frey   Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:52 pm

Name - Ragnar "Ruber" Frey.

Age - 43.

Family members - Walder Frey (grandfather), Waldron Frey (father).

Occupation - Strategist, diplomat.

Personality - in spite of what many could come to think of him due to his slightly twisted appearance, Ragnar is actually a very calm and pondered individual whenever he is not in the heat of a battle. Above anything, he likes to plan in advance, almost reaching an exaggerated level of meticulous preparations in all he does. Such stems from his compulsive need to prove his own worth, not only because of his House's stained reputation after the Red Wedding, but also because due to his circumstances, he had to earn what he got from nothing. He is prone to outbursts of anger if provoked in the wrong manner and can be very severe and cold in his judgement, should the need for it arise.
Wits allied to his natural brawn make him a force to be reckoned with. The fact that he uses the nickname "Ruber" with some pride, in spite of its less than pleasant origins...says alot about him.

History - Ragnar is the first born child of Waldron Frey, one of Lord Walder's many children. Like many predicted, House Frey pratically erupted in an internal civil war when Walder passed away; which meant alot of blood would have to be spilt until stability was found once again, especially when the House had been seriously frowned upon after the events of the Red Wedding. With the Lannisters' support almost faded into nothingness, the Freys had to win their place back in the world.
Ragnar was born with gigantism, almost as if the Seven Gods had punished the newest allies of the Lannisters by giving them their own version of an "imp". This time, it came in the form of a slightly malformed giant. Brutish, tall, and with a twitching eye; Ragnar was often the subject of mockery and disdain due to his looks and upbringing. The very fact that he was "kissed by fire", as wildlings would cal it; only meant that he was to be seen as little more than a savage. "Ruber" was a cruel nickname he was given to as he grew up, slightly akin to the term "Reek" used by Ramsay Bolton to refer to Theon Greyjoy.
Decided to become more, Ruber began educating himself. Learning how to read, fight and the basis of strategy drove him to seek a position in any sort of militar post. Above all, he wanted to prove he was more than what anyone thought. He wanted to be more than a bloody Frey. Thus, he supported Jon Targaryen's rise to power by aiding in battles and acting as an informer and even protector.
His skills did not go unnoticed as he began working his way up to the top, gaining influence and impressing others. Soon, his day would come...

Extras - is left handed, has a constant eye twitch, suffers from gigantism. Prone to severe headaches which slightly influence some mood swings.
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Ragnar "Ruber" Frey
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