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 Things may turn to the better

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Meera Reed

Meera Reed

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Things may turn to the better Empty
PostSubject: Things may turn to the better   Things may turn to the better EmptySat Jul 04, 2015 1:41 pm

(Just something from real life and I needed to write it down)

Meera stroke Nita's back, her six year old daughter was sitting on her lap holding herself tight at her waist while she sobbed. This morning they had discovered that one their cats had given birth to kittens, but every one of the kittens were dead. Nita took it very hard and couldn't stop crying. "It's not fair!" Nita cried between her sobs. "I know sweetie," Meera replied continuing to stroke her back. "But sometimes it just happens." "But it's still not fair," Nita sobbed and looked up at her mother with teary eyes. Meera sighed, drying her tears away. "Nita, the kittens were very sick and weak. It was best for them that they died and didn't suffer anymore. The Old gods will make sure they have a good life where they are now." "But," Nita sniffed. "But Rosie is not okay. She's so sad because her babies are dead." Meera hugged her daughter tightly. Oh, Nita just understood animals so well.

Nita was still sad and Meera comforted her when her husband came back from hunting. He was carrying something in his arms. "Look what I found while I was hunting," he said as he kneeled down to Nita. There were three kittens, just some weeks old and abounded. They were screaming for food because they were hungry. Poor Nita was about to cry again when Rosie appeared and went to Nitas father, studying the kittens. Then she lay down on the floor looking at the kittens. Nitas father put them down and soon all three were with Rosie and started to eat. Rosies maternal instinct just wanted to take the kittens in. This was unbelievable, but at least Nita stopped crying and a smile appeared on her lips. That day Nita learned that sad events could sometimes turn out to something better.
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Things may turn to the better
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