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Reth Montmayeur
Reth Montmayeur

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PostSubject: Uncle's advices...   Uncle's advices... EmptyFri May 22, 2015 1:49 pm

As Reth closed the door behind him and Dymas they both sighed, letting go of that almost panful smile they had to portray in front of everyone. They sighed at the same time, in the same way, and as they looked at each other they couldn’t help but chuckle before they could finally hug each other.
“Oh, it has been really too long!” Dymas exclaimed with a paternal tone, ruffling a bit Reth’s hair.
“You just couldn’t stay without me, uh?” Reth commented cheerfully at his last comment, but obviously that reminded Dymas of another subject: the fact he had been summoned in such urgency and secrecy.
Breaking the hug he went to sit up on one of Reth’s sofas, stopping just to take a glass of wine in his hand.
“Now… I really do wonder, my dear nephew, what kind of damage you’ve done that was so big and so powerful to make you seek my presence here…” Dymas was obviously not pleased with that, but Reth decided to ignore his tone
“I’m offended you would think such things of me, uncle! I’m actually making quite a great job as hand of the queen…” Reth said, faking an overly offended expression
“I swear nephew, if you made me come here and take such a long and sudden trip just to get a hug I’ll join the rebels that want you off that damn throne.”
“And to think that once you were so eager to travel!” he kept teasing the old man
“Then I grew old.”
“And boring…”
“Cut the jokes, already!” Dymas bursted, slamming the glass on the table next to him “If it’s not the politic, what is it? What’s wrong?”
It wasn’t like Reth was impressed by his actions, he knew his uncle’s attitude and he knew that he was only worried. Beside, the only reason why he was avoiding the subject was cause he was nervous himself…
“Well… let’s say that I might have slept with the wrong woman…” As Reth started to talk Dymas face dropped and for a moment he just stared at his nephew with an expression of pure disbelief: had he really just hurried all the way from Kharos just cause Reth hadn’t been able to keep his cock in his pants???
“That’s it! I’m joining the resistance! You, ex-newphew-that-is-about-to-be-disowned, do NOT deserve that throne.”
Reth decide to ignore his uncle’s attack and instead went right to the core of the problem
“Let’s say that this woman was the queen.”
And then silence fell. Dymas actually got pale, staring at Reth like he was looking at a ghost
“You did not…”
“I fell in love with her.”
“Reth!!!” Dymas screamed covering his face and resting his back on the sofa: he had just arrived and he felt exhausted already
“Uncle, I love her…” Reth tried again to explain but Dymas stopped him
“What do you know about love?! You came here for politics, Reth… for your country… don’t you love your country, Reth?”
Reth snorted, took a glass of wine and gulped it all at once: his uncle got it all wrong. He couldn’t really blame Dymas for not taking him seriously on love matters, after all he got by himself the fame of heartbreaker and such, but still… he was probably thinking he had just been attracted by her beauty and decided to fuck her regardless of the risk… which, to be fair, might have even started that way, but now it was far a different situation.
“Uncle I asked her to marry me.”
Again, silence fell and Dymas stared at Reth as he hadn’t actually seen him until that moment. All Dymas’s worries were evident on his face: everyone knew about the queen’s engagement, Reth’s action in the worst case could lead him to execution!
“She said no.” Reth had to specify, and as painful as that was it actually made Dymas breath with relief.
“Uncle I don’t know what to do.” for once, just for once, Reth actually looked lost, passing a hand through his hair while he started walking through the room “I can’t stop thinking of her, I want her, I must have her!”
“Reth she’s bethroded… she’ll be married in a few weeks from now…”
“But there must be something I can do to stop it!”
Dymas looked at his nephew with a pained glance, shaking lightly his head “Of all the women, Reth… of all the women in the whole wide world, you had to fall for the only one you couldn’t have…” Dymas knew Reth too well not to understand that what he was going through wasn’t just a temporary crush, and it pained him to see him having to deal with such impossible feelings. He sighed heavily “Reth, there is nothing you can do…”
The look of horror in Reth’s eyes was evident: this wasn’t the answer he was expecting. “How can you say that? There is much I could do! She wants me, uncle, she loves me as I love her-“
“Kings and Queens don’t marry for love Reth”
“Politically I’m still the best option”
“But she is already engaged”
“She can call the engagement off.”
“This would cause consequences, Reth! Have you even bothered to think about it? The fiancèe wouldn’t just accept it, what if he declares war?”
Reth rolled his eyes annoyed: For fuck’s sake, he had learnt politics from his uncle, they both knew what actually were the chances of such thing happening! “He wouldn’t go through with such a threat…”
“Maybe not! But maybe he would! You can’t be sure Reth, the most obvious reaction is not always the one that will happen!” They stared at each other for a long moment, while Reth let sink in the truth that his uncle was feeding him.
“What do I do, then?” Reth spoke up only after a while, and he really looked lost. He hadn’t needed to ask help, real help, in so many years… and now, for a moment, Dymas had the impression to have once again in front of him not the grown up man but the young boy whose crown was still too big for his head…
“Leave Westeros. Come back with me in Kharos. Your country needs you Reth, and here there is nothing you can do…”
“You will get over her, eventually. But not if you stay, and you can’t afford not getting over her. Please Reth…”
Reth closed his eyes, feeling like his heart had been just slammed with a rock. He sat down next to his uncle, and Dymas put an arm across his shoulder.
“I have a meeting with her tomorrow evening. I’ll tell her then.” he said flatly in the end, accepting his uncle suggestion.
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Uncle's advices...
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