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 Chel Dothraki

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PostSubject: Chel Dothraki   Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:38 am

Name: Chel

Age: 18

House: Dothraki

Role/Job/Occupation: Servant in the Queen's Court

Personality: Chel is timid and quiet when threatened- which is most of the time. The language barrier is tough for her (even though she has picked up slightly on the common tongue during her stay) so she usually finds it easier to not say anything at all. (Though she does find glee in muttering Dothraki phrases to those who can't understand). There are times where her anger gets the best of her and she isn't afraid to put up a fight. She's very independent and takes her work seriously. Due to the fact she was taken by many men during the ship ride to king's landing- she has a huge mistrust towards all men. With a naturally kind heart, all Chel wants is to find her way back home.

History: Chel was born into a very strong Khalasar, and followed the role expected of her. On her 12th nameday she began her work as handmaid for  the Khaleesi, Pocahontas. There was nothing extravagant about her life, and she liked it that way. One day, she decided to travel to the bazaar in order to find a gift. She was taken by travelers and was presented to Marina as a gift. After all- what better way to further your relationship with the queen than to give her an exotic beauty to add to her collection?
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Chel Dothraki
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