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 San Wolf Rider

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PostSubject: San Wolf Rider    Fri Aug 01, 2014 12:27 am

Name: San

Age: 18

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): None Known

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Moro (wolf mother), Brickker and Artos (wolf brothers)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Northern Raider +Wolf Rider +Witch of the North + Princess of Spirits, Wolves and Demons

San was born to be wild, she is free spirit in every way as she is always taking her own path in life despite conventions, perceptions or even laws. Innocent, ladylike and docile are all the things she is the complete opposite of preferring the open air and sky to any castle. She will be damned if anyone would try to change that fact for her. But this also means she is both prideful and stubborn, very used to having her own way when it comes to a lot of things. That does not mean she is spoiled, quite far from that for she knows what it is like to live only on your wits for that is her life. A very very rough exterior hides her gentler nature as she is actually quite kind to all of natures creatures provided she is not out hunting. Her heart belongs to the forest so much so that human towns unsettle her, the only time she dares enter one is to raid it. A task she tasks some joy in for she only takes what is needed and kills only those who try to hurt her or members of her pack.

The pack a combination of wolves and direwolves is her most precious aspect of her life, she is at home in their company and has bonded with them to the point she almost shuns human contact. This does not mean she is immediately hostile to humans in fact she is mostly indifferent unless she is threatened. Gold, jewels and fine dresses are simply things not in her world but she understands the use of them for trading. Any brave merchants daring to enter the forests she inhabits are met with a subtle curiosity usually followed by quick trade before she disappears. And she does indeed hold a small curiosity for what other humans live like, often watching them from the safety of her forests but it is a passing curiosity her need to survive trumps all hopes of her joining civilized society.

Though much like the wolves she is apart of, she can bond to a person or a small group of people under certain conditions. Bonding to her is accepting that person as part of her pack, thus she would be ultimately unconditionally loyal.

Some say she was born out of the belly of a dire wolf, others claim she is from beyond the wall other darker more sinister whispers claim she is the bastard of a northern house. All that is known for certain is that for 4 years she has roamed the wilds of the north. San is a wildling to most and she delights in the description, for she was not born for civil company and keeps in the company of dire wolves the largest of which she rides upon. She and her pack attack and raid northern towns from time to time for food or other things but never stay too long in one place. She travels freely through the borders of northern houses as an outlaw and so called princess of wolves, spirits and demons. Though she does not care for the title, her lives goal has been simply survival and every now and then driving away 'civilized' folk who dare to chase after her. She certainly remembers having a mother once, though the rest is quite fuzzy being a wildling is all she knows all she has ever wanted to know.  Whether her mother died or left her for dead she does not care the dire wolves have been the only family she has ever needed.

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San Wolf Rider
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