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 Mira of Lys

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Mira of Lys


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PostSubject: Mira of Lys    Mon May 04, 2015 1:51 pm

Name: Mira of Lys
Age: 22

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): Sworn to Lanniser

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): She has 3 sisters, the youngest sister being Eire

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Lady in Waiting to Madeline Lannister

- Caring
"Shhh... let me help you"
- World Weary
"It never changes, time passes but the world stays the same"
- Repentant
"Any god, just one please forgive me for what I have done. Please take it back take it all back"
- Creative
"Hmmm... a little colour here~"
- Hidden Hopeful
"Perhaps today will be a good day"

Mira is a woman who has lived her life with the cards she was dealt. What had started as fresh optimistic youth was eroded away by time and the cruel reality of slavery. She is very sensitive to peoples emotions and can find herself overwhelmed when surrounded by people. She has loved, lost and even taken a life, all things which bear the heavy burden on her soul. The only thing that has kept her going is the little ray of hope that perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. When allowed to dwell on her past she is often both repentant and blaspheming, both cursing the heavens for her past and begging for all sins she committed.
While she tries to be numb to the world she cannot and often tries to aide others even at her own expense. Little bits of the girl she used to be shine when life allows her to have peace and she expresses herself through a myriad of creativity. If given any kindness she cherishes it more then any golden trinket.

She was born the eldest of 4 daughters to a Lysian pleasure slave. As such she was brought up in the arts of charm and seduction, she found she had a talent for understanding a clients needs and desires. Since their mother was mostly busy with clients as the elder sister she often had to watch out for her younger siblings. She tried her best to protect them from life and as such received many punishments on their behalf. As she grew her perception of others seemed to increase to the point it started freaking out the other slaves even her younger sisters. Only little Eire was too young and too sweet to fully understand, she loved her youngest sister for that. After one engagement she found herself with child but the babe died soon after it was born which drove Mira into a horrible depression. She caused such a fuss that she was sold off to the highest bidder, she has no clue what happened to her siblings after that. For years she was passed around filled with thoughts and emotions sometimes not her own.

When the plague hit a city she was in killing her latest master she finally snapped unable to take it. When the guards came to check their house the next day for plague they found the dead master and a brunette woman with blue eyes who had apparently taken her own life. Mira had justified it by knowing that the girl was to die herself of the plague. But that does not mean the act does no weigh heavily on her soul. Having robbed what little she could she left all her meager possessions behind and ran until she was able to sneak aboard a boat. She did not care where it was heading so long as it was far far away.

($5 to the person who knows the creatures in the bg)

- Mira cannot sing XD she's bad at it but she can hum
- She is actually a talented artist and weaver
- While Mira knows nothing of the 'proper' dances, she was trained in many Lysian seductive dances
- She can't whistle
- Mira knows various languages from patrons and masters
- She is actually very ticklish
- Mira prefers black or dark clothing like she is in mourning
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Mira of Lys
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