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 Jim Targaryen

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Jim Targaryen

Jim Targaryen

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Name: Jim Targaryen

Age: 17 (soon to be 18)

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any):

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Rhaegar (Father), Unknown (Mother), Kida (Half-Sister)

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Unofficial assistant to his half-sister Kida, the Master of Whispers

Personality: Jim is very genuine and easy-going, making it far easier for potential traitors to the Crown to trust him with their traitorous opinions and mad ravings. People are for more wary to the known cousin of the Queen and Master of Whispers (aka Kida) then the job-hopping, sweet-natured boy that is Jim. He adores Kida and would do anything she asked him, if only to impress his pure-blood sister, though he feels much resentment to

History: The bastard son of Rhaeger and taken away from his mother (whom he never knew and couldn't remember a single detail about if his life depended on it), Jim has always been treated as inferior and expendable. Kida was the only one to ever show him kindness or ever consider him as more than baggage. He is aware she thinks him inferior to her, but appreciates that she rarely voices this opinion and never treats him inhumanely, as is her right. Jim discovered at an early age of his ability to channel magic into things and thus speak to people, if they were touching them with skin. After learning control, he quickly informed Kida of his abilities and was thereafter hurled into the life of being a private spy to the Queen's spy. On Kida's lips, "bastard" became a form of affection rather than a blow to his open wounds. Everyone alive from the Targaryen family found out about their existence only very few years ago, and, due the complicate circumstances of the Targaryen line, they agreed to have Kida and Jim working at the council and being heirs as long as Marina doesn´t have children.

Extra: Jim has the special ability to communicate telepathically though objects he has channeled his energy into. No one can respond as he can, but for a short time, he is linked to their head, emotions, and general thought process. Its only giveaway is the sudden glazed-over blue haze of his communicators' eyes.
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Jim Targaryen
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