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 Jealousy attack

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Eric Tully

Eric Tully

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PostSubject: Jealousy attack    Jealousy attack     EmptyFri Apr 24, 2015 5:43 pm

Sinbad was riding on his horse right after Eric… and he couldn’t be more pissed that he was in that moment. He and Eric had met earlier that same day, Sinbad was going to ride with him toward The Eyre where he had to take care of some stuffs on the crows’s behalf and they had only a few days to spend together, so of course he hoped and expected to be just the two of them enjoying their little time. But no: Eric had showed up with a woman, a whore, sitting on his horse.
“She needs a ride toward Winterfell” he had explained to him with a sheepish smile.
Sinbad didn’t like it. He didn’t like her, sitting on Eric’s horse, so close to his lover she could even touch him! And what made it worse was the fact it wouldn’t be the first time she would touch him… Eric didn’t say that, but he didn’t need to, Sinbad just simply knew: he had slept with her.
He couldn’t tell him just to leave the damn bitch traveling on her own, mainly cause the two of them didn’t have any chance to talk alone, but damn how he wished she was gone!
And now the bitch was almost sitting on his lap, making jokes that made Eric laugh while Sinbad felt jealousy eating him alive.

As they passed by a river, the girl wanted to take a stop so she could drink and freshen up a bit. Eric and Sinbad remained with the horses but they jumped off to stretch their legs, it was the first moment they were spending alone since the beginning of the trip
“Enjoying her company, aren’t you?” Sinbad asked sharply, approaching Eric, who was quite surprised and confused by Sinbad’s attitude
“What? What’s wrong?”
“Why did you bring her along?” he asked, cornering Eric against a tree
“S-she asked me for a ride…”
“And you wanted to be a good friend and decided to help? How nice…” he said in a fake sweet voice with an unamused smile, while his hand started caressing his lover’s crotch
“SInbad, what are you doing?! She might be back any minute!” Eric’s expression was terribly alarmed and he tried to move away from Sinbad’s touch, but the male didn’t allow him to
“Isn’t my company good enough for you anymore?” he purred devilishly, still caressing him and extorting a moan out of Eric’s lips
“SInbad…” Eric tried again to stop him, blushing at his own reaction: Sinbad was only touching him and he was already rock hard and throbbing inside his pants… but Sinbad had no intention to stop, he wanted Eric to remember what he would miss out, picking her…
“Sinbad, last time I slept with her me and you were just friends! I met her by chance and she asked me for a ride, that’s it”
Eric managed to finally rush an explanation before he came with a low moan right in his pants, and as he breathed heavily, leaning against the tree, he couldn’t look more embarrassed… nor more red.
“It better stay this way” Sinbad murmured, kissing him on the lips and biting his lower lip, then he stepped away, just in time before the girl was back. Eric had to force himself to stand up and smile like nothing had happened.
This time Eric let he girl sit behind him and maybe it was just Sinbad’s impression, but it looked to him like Eric was less friendly toward the girl…

That evening they stopped at a tavern and booked three rooms, even if the girl insisted for a while to sleep with Eric, but the boy managed to convince her otherwise.
The three went into their respective rooms, but as soon as Eric felt safe he sneaked into Sinbad’s room.
They didn’t lose any time: they jumped on the bed, kissing eagerly and removing each other clothes and then, as Sinbad’s freed Eric’s cock from his pants, he started jerking it.
It didn’t take long for Eric to get close to his climax: he moaned softly his lover’s name but then Sinbad suddenly stopped, pushing Eric slightly away
“You know what? I’m not in the mood anymore. Goodnight.” Sinbad grinned devilishly as he laid back on the pillows, leaving his lover speechless and unsatisfied.
“W-what?” Eric was just so close… and being left like that was almost painful. He couldn’t believe Sinbad!
“Oh, you can finish on your own, I don’t mind watching.” He tried to hide his cruel amusement, but there was no point, he was enjoying too much his little revenge
Eric blushed like a cherry, turning around to hide his painful erection. Now if the situation would have been reversed he had no doubt Sinbad would have even done that, but he… no, he just couldn’t! Mortified and ashamed, he slipped under the blankets before SInbad continued in a sharp, mean tone
“Or you can ask your little friend to finish you…”
So that was what that was all about!!! Eric thought Sinbad would get over it after he explained, after all he did say that there was nothing between them!
“I told you there is nothing between us!” Eric bursted, turning again toward Sinbad but still covering himself with the blanket “I didn’t bring her along cause I want her, I brought her cause she asked, and we used to be friends… sorta…”
“She wasn’t your friend, she was your whore…” Sinbad complained, still not fully convinced
“Look I don’t want her. I don’t want anyone that’s not you, but since you obviously don’t feel the same toward me tonight I’ll go back to my room.”
Now that made Sinbad smile again. Eric could be so cute… especially when he was upset. And gods was he upset now! No big deal, though: Sinbad knew how to deal with that…
As Eric sat up and started looking around for his pants, Sinbad forced himself not to laugh. Instead he bent toward the male, pulling him once again toward the pillow, forcing him to lay down while he removed the blanket and, to his surprise, pinned him down with his own body
“You are sooooo cute when you get mad” Sinbad purred, starting to caress his thigh
“And you’re such a dick when you get jealous!” Eric hissed in reply, still really upset
Sinbad chuckled. “Bet I can make you forgive me…” he purred again, sweetly, as he started circling Eric’s anus with one finger
“I have no intention t-“ Eric was going to underline how he had no intention to forgive him nor to have sex with him now, but he couldn’t even finish the phrase since, as Sinbad inserted the finger inside, a loud moan escaped from his lips.
“Sorry, I didn’t quite catch it… you have no intention to do what?” Sinbad teased, grinning while he kept playing with Eric’s ass.
“Sinbad stop it…” Eric half ordered half begged Sinbad, but it was getting evident to them both he was losing his resistance.
“You sure?” He purred once again as he inserted a second finger in and started a scissoring movement, forcing Eric to moan loudly once again.
“You’re such a bastard” he grumbled in the end as he stretched his arms to pull Sinbad closer and kiss him with passion. Sinbad smirked in the kiss as he removed his fingers and eagerly slammed his cock in Eric’s ass.
By the time they were done with sex, they were both too spent and gratified to care anymore about their little fight.
On the following day Eric let Sinbad carry the girl on his horse and by evening they reached Winterfell so they could continued their trip on their own.
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Jealousy attack
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