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 Kida Targaryen

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Kida Targaryen


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PostSubject: Kida Targaryen   Thu Jul 31, 2014 11:46 pm

Name: Kida Targaryen

Age: 21

House(s) (+ house sworn to if any): Targaryen

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): Cousin to Queen Marina Targaryen

Role/Job/Occupation (+ Titles if any): Master of Whispers to the House Targaryen

Personality: Kida is deceptive, as is the nature of her title. She keeps her opinions and thoughts, as well as her affections, to herself. In her position, having someone gain blackmail could compromise her position, keep her from doing her job, and cause the downfall of her dear, ruling cousin. She does have a wry sense of humor and wit that she uses to keep her heart light and guiltless from the downfall's of houses and various executions she's caused by doing her job. She's clever, she has to be, and she's fiercely protective over the household name and her two remaining family members: Marina, and her half-brother, Jim.

History: The father/mother of Kida and Jim was the child oh Rhaegar and his wife. One of the slane children during the siege of the Targaryen house was mistaken for the heir and escaped, thus raising Kida's parent who eventually had Kida legitimately. Kida grew up aware of her title and position, training to be of some use to the Queen (the art of deception, sneaking, combat, etc) in order that she might rightfully bare the proud title of her family. She was only 4 when Jim, her bastard half-brother, was brought home. Being so close in age, Kida and Jim are great friends, but Kida cannot shake the superiority of being a full-blood, thus preventing them from ever forming a normal "loving siblings" relationship. Everyone alive from the Targaryen family found out about their existence only a few years ago, and, due the complicate circumstances of the Targaryen line, they agreed to have Kida and Jim working at the council and being heirs as long as Marina doesn´t have children.

Extra: None
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Kida Targaryen
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