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 Mako Vane WIP

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Mako Vane


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PostSubject: Mako Vane WIP   Sun Apr 12, 2015 3:58 pm

Name: Mako Vane

Age: 25

House: Vane, sworn to Montmayeur

Family Members (only the very close ones like parents, siblings ...): father, mother and older brother

Job/Occupation: Guard for family Montmayeur

Personality: Mako is rather the serious type though he can laugh about jokes though most likely only very good ones and of course if it´s the right time for them. He is loyal to friends and can get pretty aggressive towards his enemies or in short, everyone who wants to hurt his employers as well as his friends and family which partly is the same for him.

History: -

Extra: He is bisexual though actually rather tends to male company *cough*
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Mako Vane WIP
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