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 Surprise in the night

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Meera Reed

Meera Reed

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PostSubject: Surprise in the night   Surprise in the night EmptyFri Apr 10, 2015 6:38 am

Meera smiled as she peeked through the door, seeing Nita and Greta sleeping in the bed. Both of them had spent their time talking girl stuff. Still smiling Meera went to them and put the blankest over them, kissing gently their foreheads, whispering good night to them before she walked out to go to bed herself. She was very tired, it wasn't easy being the leader of Greywater Watch and the crannogmen, but still, it was her duty after Jojen died. She shook her head. It was so long ago now, and what choice did she have? If she hadn't given the gift of mercy, then he would have been turned to one of the wights himself. But there was still anger in her, he knew he was going to die, and he didn't even try to fight against that destiny. Stop it, she thought. She didn't want to think about it. She came to her bedroom, one of her cats was lying on her bed. She was having kittens soon and spent lots of time with Meera. She bent over to her, cuddling her head before she undressed herself and went to bed. She wasn't going to fall asleep, the cat started to purr, cuddling at Meera's head. Meera rolled over to her stomach, and the cat stepped at her back and laid down. Finally, Meera thought. Maybe now she could get some sleep. Suddenly her back was wet. Her eyes narrowed to the cat. By the gods, was she giving birth now? On her back? "Girls!" Meera shouted. "Girls, the babies are coming!" It took just a second and Nita and Greta stood at the door, with sleepy eyes. "Babies?" Nita said rubbing her eyes. "What babies?" Greta asked. Then both of them saw what was happening and they hurried to get clean towels and a basket. Gently they removed the cat to the basket and the first kitten there so Meera could get out of bed and change a new nightgown. When it was dawn, all three was sitting down and admired the five new born kittens in the basket. And this was a topic Nita and Greta would talk about for the next weeks.
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Surprise in the night
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