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 Celebration Happening ♥

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Marina Targaryen

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PostSubject: Celebration Happening ♥   Mon Apr 06, 2015 5:15 am

So, since next sunday season 5 of Games of Thrones will start and we will start hosting new auditions that time we/I thought why not celebrate by hosting something special which is .... A FANART WEEK! ♥ (well in fact we got so many topics it turned into 3 weeks + an extra day xD)

Anyways the fanart weeks will start next sunday and contains the following topics (not in order yet!!!!):
1)Alternate Universe
6)true love
9)homosexual love
10)loss/ what once was mine
17)embarrissing moment
20)party time
21)crack shipping

You are allowed to start already with your entries since at least some of us haven´t THAT much of time and I don´t wanna let the weeks open for years honestly but anyways here are the rules:

1) Do NOT show or tell anyone your entries until they are offically published in a thread i will start to create when the fanart weeks begin.
2) Any kind of fanart is allowed, meaning you can draw something, do a photomanipulation (which is most often used here), cosplay, write a fanfiction or anything similar which comes to your mind so everyone is able to participate :3
(btw you also manip with live action)
3) For the set day you have to follow the theme though you are free to interpretate the theme however you want it. E.g. a conflict may be an argumentation, an upcoming war or some kind of fight or something completely diffrent, which ever comes to your mind for that topic ♥
4) HAVE FUN! ♥
5) You can post your entries until april 26th since that will be the offical end
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Celebration Happening ♥
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