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 Everything comes to an end {The death of John and Jane Tully}

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Eilonwy Mormont

Eilonwy Mormont

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PostSubject: Everything comes to an end {The death of John and Jane Tully}   Sat Apr 04, 2015 1:10 pm

A couple of day had passed since Garrett’s wedding. All the guests had gone back home, and he young couple seemed to be doing just fine.
Annie was in one of the living room, dedicating herself to some embroidery work: she found i so soothing and relaxing, and she had had such little time to do it lately, with the preparations for two weddings… She missed Jane’s company, who usually worked with her when she still lived in Bear Island. Eilonwy was still home, but she had never been attracted by such things and Nita, well, he didn’t want to distract her from her husband so soon.
I was early afternoon and she was just enjoying the quiet moment when a servant announced the arrival of a letter. From the face of the messenger she could already guess it wasn’t good news.
Jeor was having a meeting with the masters and couldn’t be disturbed so she took the letter and opened it with trembling fingers. As soon as she read the content her face go pale and she had to sit down. It couldn’t be. It wasn’t possible…
Jane… her Jane…
The plague was spreading everywhere, reaping new victims everyday… but her Jane had just got married! It couldn’t be…
The servant and the messenger tried to give help, but Anne sent them both away.
Only when she was left alone in the room she covered her face with one hand, crying silent tears.
Jane, John, as well as John’s parents and uncles… all dead… the letter even mentioned how Jane was pregnant when she died…
Her child…
Her Jane…
Anne couldn’t believe it…
It felt like a par of herself had just died as well…
Her Jane…
Her beloved Jane…
And maybe, if only she hadn’t hurried so much to arrange the marriage, she would have still been alive!
She spent the afternoon crying all her tears, only when a servant announced that dinner was ready she forced herself to stand up and dry her eyes. Her stomach was absolutely closed, but she had to bring the sad news to the rest of the family.
And, as painful as it was, life had to go on. Their alliance with the Tully had just disappeared, they needed to reinforce it once again…
She had to talk to Jeor, no matter how numb the pain had just made her…
There was a new wedding to arrange…
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Cedric Mormont

Cedric Mormont

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PostSubject: Re: Everything comes to an end {The death of John and Jane Tully}   Sun Apr 05, 2015 7:13 pm

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Everything comes to an end {The death of John and Jane Tully}
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