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 Tongue of a liar [Tag Jim]

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Jim Targaryen


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PostSubject: Re: Tongue of a liar [Tag Jim]   Mon Mar 30, 2015 4:19 pm

Jim shiver in delight as he felt the male's hands wandered up and down his chest, aroused by the male's cool fingers against his hot skin. And by god that friction between their hips was incredible! At first Jim had thought the male was going to pull out of the kiss, but to his surprise the thief had leaned into it. Then suddenly the thief was kissing back as passionately, while Jim felt the male's hands cupped his face. He softly groaned into the kiss as he felt the male's cool finger brushed along that scratch from the dagger before.

He was in his bed underneath a thief, kissing him passionately and practically grinding against each other for pleasure. Good god what was he thinking? That was the thing. Jim wasn't thinking, he was just literally go with the flow of pleasure and wanting to hear more delightful moans from the male. Jim groaned in delight into the kiss as he felt his cock grasped by the male's hand, which began to stroke it a long slow manner. Damn this male was teasing him. And he liked it as much too. His hips jerked up into the male's strokes.

Jim chuckled shakily against the male's lips at the breathless comments, gasping softly as the male bit down on his lower lip enough to bleed. "You little minx," Jim muttered into the kiss, giving the younger male a slight playful glare. "Wouldn't you like to know." he simply answered before licking at the male's bottom lip, nipping at it playfully before the male's lips parted opened. Jim took this chance to gain entrance for his tongue to explore the male's mouth. He still tasted like strawberries, Jim thought to himself in delight.
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Loki Laufeyson


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PostSubject: Re: Tongue of a liar [Tag Jim]   Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:03 pm

As Jim's hips jerked up  into his strokes, Loki began moving his hand faster, stroking the shaft harder and grinding his hips more roughly down against Jim's. He was really on the verge of losing it now, both control and what little sense that still remained somewhere in the back of his head. He may be the one on top, making the other writhe in pleasure, but if the Targaryen took the lead again Loki wouldn't be able to anything else but submit. And this fact frightened him.
This game's gone far enough. But Loki still didn't want to stop. This just felt too good not to keep going...

He licked up the thin trail of Jim's blood from his lips, winking at the new little nickame he recived. Funnily enough, he's been called that once before, but not with any good evenets that followed after it. "I would actually," he purred, happily allowing Jim's tounge entrance to his mouth. Wonder if he tastes like strawberries? He has managed to sneak away with more of it right before finding this room.
He moaned again into the kiss, his hand gently and sensually stroking the side of Jim's head, enjoying the feel of his hair between his fingers. Then it slipped away, disappearing for a couple of seconds, only to return with something else in it's palm.
The dagger Loki had dropped before was again now pressed against the young Targaryen's throat, with the thief smirking cruelly down at him and still holding onto his cock.
"You really don't learn do ya, rich-boy," he chuckled, giving the shaft a last, painfull stroke before letting go, leaving it unsatisfied.
Giving Jim one a last kiss, he ruffled up his hair and got off of him, grabbing his cloak and shoes as he headed over towards the door. "But you really do know how kiss, introduce me to those who taught ya," he said with a smirk, before letting the door close behind him.

...that was way to close.
Loki leaned against the hallway wall, letting out a breath he had almost forgotten he had. Next time they ran into each other, he might actually get killed. Or raped. Or why not even both? The thief chuckled to himself, ran his hand down over his face and pushed himself off the wall. Better run incase the older decided to come after and finish him off now. ...Although he might want to take care of his other little problem first~
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Jim Targaryen


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PostSubject: Re: Tongue of a liar [Tag Jim]   Mon Mar 30, 2015 5:34 pm

Jim groaned into the kiss as the male allowed him the entrance to his mouth, feeling the male sensually stoke the side of his head. Shivering a bit as the male ran his fingers through his hair. Jim had thought that all was good and all. That the male had been enjoying the pleasure just as much. But he had been wrong when he felt the sharp edge of a dagger pressed against his neck. He hissed in irritation at being freaking tricked once more. For petes sake, he could feel the male's arousal pressed against him too! Why couldn't he had just gone with them both getting their pleasure full-filled? "You really know how to blow the mood, don't ya?" Jim growled darkly, his cheeks were flushed from previous excitement.

He groaned a bit into the new kiss as the male stroked his cock one more time before letting go and getting up off of Jim. The Targaryen male quickly shot up, hissing a bit as his throbbing shaft met with the cold air since the younger male's hand that caused alot of hot friction was gone. He blew a few strands of his hair out of his eyes as he glared over at the male. There was no way he was running after a male with a hard-on. "You better watch yourself next time!" Jim growled out in a warning tone, a bit disappointed with being left unsatisfied. He hadn't thought that such a pleasurable even would happen between them. But it had, though cut off pretty short. Jim glanced down at his erection before sighing out deeply. "Can't believe this..." he muttered under his breath as he gripped himself and started to stroke himself to relieve himself. That's male's ass was so his next time.
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PostSubject: Re: Tongue of a liar [Tag Jim]   

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Tongue of a liar [Tag Jim]
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