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 Zuko Vaith

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Zuko Vaith


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PostSubject: Zuko Vaith   Mon Mar 23, 2015 6:15 am

Name: Zuko Vaith

Age: 20

House: Vaith • sworn to house Martell

Family members: five brothers and two sisters

Role/Job/Occupation: member of the Martell's guard

Zuko is a good example of a disciplined soldier, serious and careful at the rules. He prefers to stay on his own and avoid too much human contact. The exact opposite of what he used to be as a child: rule breaker, lively and with a great desire to stay with all his family. He changed a lot after the accident with his brothers, becoming more what they wanted: the invisible brother. The scar that they left on him was indeed to remind him that he had been lucky to be born; a mark that he hates, but has to live with forever. He usually pulls his hair down on the scar when talking to someone, to hide it, but as a result he usually attracts more attention on it.
He's a bit socially awkward, not able to participate in any social event without feeling as a fish out of water. Mostly because when he used to live in Vaith, he was never allowed in any special event or allowed to stay when his siblings had guests, so he doesn't know how to act in those situations. He doesn't often speak his mind and most of the time he's condescending, especially if he's talking with his family. That's why he accepted the marriage without complain, even if he doesn't like it. The idea to marry a nun doesn't appeal him, especially after hearing her whole story. He knows very well that's just another way of his siblings to mock him just disguise as political alliances.
Zuko is always trying to get everybody approval: first as a child with his family then as a soldier at Sunspear.

The last of eight siblings, Zuko grew up feeling practically invisible: his parents didn't expect to have another son -at least not eight years after the last daughter and even in their fifty- they always treated him like a nuisance and used to delegate him to nurses and preceptors; while his siblings were already too much older than him and already directed towards their roles in the family, finding the last born useless for the family in general and without a precise reason to stay with them. For them Zuko had been lucky to be born, when he shouldn't ever be with them.
So he was often left alone, growing up with nannies and teachers and avoided by everyone, always too busy to stay with him.
When he was little, Zuko couldn't understand the reason of that coldness towards him, so he tried his best to be accepted by his family. Despite their aversion, Zuko used to sneak out from the supervision of his teachers to spend more time with his siblings, who found his presence only annoying and cumbersome.
It was when Zuko was 11 years old, that his whole attitude towards his family -his siblings in particular- changed. It was his oldest brother's wedding, and Zuko had as usual run away from the nanny on duty to stay with his brothers and sisters. He found them, but they were all drunk; when the older brother noticed Zuko, tired to have him always around and more drunken than the others, he decided that it was time to teach Zuko what was his place in the family. With the help of the other brothers, they immobilize him and burned Zuko by permanently scarring the left side of his face. It was only thanks to the intervention of his older sister -who just observed the whole scene with the younger one- that they stopped only on the left side: otherwise it would have been difficult to explain the situation at their parents. In fact it was filed as an 'accident' when told to the old lord and the case was closed.
From that day on Zuko maintained the distance between him and his family, following the rules and bringing on his face the mark his brother inflicted him.
Four years later, Zuko's mother died for an illness followed a few months after by his father, it was his older brother to take the title of Lord of the Red Dunes and become the head of the house Vaith. Now Zuko's future was all in his hands, and he knew quite well that nobody wanted him around Vaith. In fact after only  a few months the new lord easily found a new accommodation for the last brother. Zuko was 15 years old when he was sent to Sunspear to become a member of the prince's guard as a sign of loyalty towards their overlord, but mostly to get rid of him.
However Zuko was happy to finally leave that place, he surely wouldn't have missed them.
He passed the five years after at  Sunspear, without hearing anything from his siblings until a few moths before, announcing that they had found a good match for him and soon he was going to marry. Zuko took the new as another way of his siblings to mock him: matching him with the illegitimate child of Arianne Martell, who was ready to join the silent sisters until the 'accident'. However Zuko couldn't oppose their decision, mostly because that was another way to create stronger alliances with their overlord; even if he had to marry a nun.

Extra: Zuko came to loathe fire, even if he hates his siblings more than it.
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Zuko Vaith
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