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 Loki Laufeyson

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Loki Laufeyson

Loki Laufeyson

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Loki Laufeyson LokiReign

Loki Laufeyson


{Laufeysons} All believed to be wiped out

Family Members:
Deceased (..?)


Mischievous, mysterious, quirky and unpredictable. At first he may act and appear like a calm, collected and well-mannered young boy, while he in truth is more devious and charismatic than anything.  He never bothers with things that doesn’t interest him or seems too boring for his tastes, and while he appears to be completely ignoring something or treating you like thin air, he’s always observant and aware of his surroundings. He’s used to being underestimated, and always uses that to his advantage.
For those few who may know him on a more personal level, or just be wise enough to be wary around the trickster, knows that he could only be called ‘trustworthy’ if there’s something for him to gain. He loves being an annoying smartass when he can, and more than often always have some snarky comment to add, and always with some trick up his sleeve. Playing tricks and pulling pranks here and there are both relaxing and amusing for him. He thinks and sees the world in a different way than the rest, and doesn’t care or get offended when others stamp him as odd or even insane at times.
He's blunt and quick-witted, and has the bad habit of offending people wherever he goes (even when he doesn’t mean to). The word 'shame' apparently doesn’t exist in his dictionary. Most of the time he’s seen with either a blank expression or an all knowing smirk, laid-back and relaxed, hiding his typical playful side and the fact that he’s a magnet for trouble behind a cunning mask. A talented actor, somewhat crazy, and holds a big scary curiosity when something or someone manages to catch his interest.

The third and youngest son of the now wiped out/deceased’s House Laufeyson, not much is known about the young yet highly intelligent thief. The few hints or slips he may have accidently dropped about his life before, it would often be about a big fire. Otherwise, Loki never brings the past up. And he never either showed any need or wishes to avenge his family or seek out the culprit behind their demise and fall of his House.
He was ‘orphaned’ around the age of 9, and has since then somehow managed to survive on his own. It was far from easy the first years, and he’s faced death far to many times in his young life. Of course he got help from kind people who surely even offered him a place to call home, but it always ended up with either them kicking him back out to the streets or he being the first one to pack up and leave. Eventually, he made a life out of stealing, shortly after beginning to travel and discover on his own. He come to love this way of life, free from rules and just living free with no one else but himself to tell him what to do. By the years he made contacts and ‘friends’ in most of the places he travelled too and mostly had some place to rest in. And then there times he preferred staying away from cities, ad would spend weeks in forest and the wilds. Thanks to a certain little ability of his, he was never really completely on his own.

His skills when it came to stealing improved greatly with time, and on the rare occasions he got caught he always found his way out of it. However, he found other means to use his skills and live by.
At times he’ll act as a trader when it comes to certain and secrets things/objects, and would exchange it for a certain price he’d see fit. The same goes if he’s  asked for information, something he’s always had a special talent for getting his hands on, no matter how dangerous or crazy it could be. He loves the thrill of danger and excitement a little too much. That explains the times when he’d also take up on odd jobs, mostly from the illegal side, to either go and act as a spy or steal something. Nothing he did was for free of course.
Tasks and jobs like these were usually easy for him, seeing as he was quick on his feet and knew how to stay out of sight. He was often looked down upon and not taken seriously by most, with his small and fragile looking physique and clear lack of physical strength, and not to mention how everyone thinks him to be at least five years younger his actual age. But his intellect and fast reflexes made up for that, and Loki always knew how to turn things around when people thought they could trick him. He’s deceiving above all things, knowing from more than experience that kindness doesn’t get you far and naivety gets you killed.

Can speak with and senses/understand animals emotions and vice versa. Also knows a fair deal and knowledge about poisons of different kinds.
Among the many names he’s called, ‘Trickster’ and ‘Silver-Tongue’ are his two most used and well known nicknames.
Most of his bodie are coverd with old scars, the most notable and bigger ones being his wrists and ankles scarred by rope burns, and his waist and lower back by burn marks.

(I may edit/change a few things later on.... haha x'D)
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Loki Laufeyson
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