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 Eric Tully

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Eric Tully

Eric Tully

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Eric Tully


Tully, now man of the night's watch

Family members:
Tycho Tully (brother), Caollaidhe Tully (sister in law), Adam Tully (brother), John Tully (cousin), Jane Tully (cousin in law)

man of the night’s watch

According to everyone, Eric is quite a carefree guy: he looks positive, cheerful, joyful and playful. He likes enjoying himself, he is notoriously a regular customers of brothels, he loves women and he loves good wine. According to everyone he has a little problem with rules, they always seem to slip his mind! According to everyone he’s quite a trouble maker, even if his intentions are not bad… According to everyone, at least he’s a man of many talents, and that always managed to save him, especially since he had to join the night’s watch: according to everyone he’s agile, good with the sword and with the bow, great rider and all in all a valid and smart man, that’s probably the only reason his commander hasn’t killed him yet.
Lies. All lies. As a child, Eric’s parents saw him a wild, defiant child, but they were very wrong: Eric was simply a child with a vivid mind and a lively attitude, he didn’t want to disobey rules and orders but it felt like everything he did was the wrong thing. He was quite a sensitive child as well, even though nobody understood that. The more his parents pictured him as wild and rebel, the more he ended up being such. He sought his parent’s approval and love, but no matter what he did, it seemed like he couldn’t get it. He ended up playing the part life had give him, pretending not to care while harboring inside a strong self-loath, a sadness he couldn’t express, a constant fear of never being good enough. The only person that broke his walls was Sinbad

Eric is the second son out of three brothers, born as a Tully, but only cousin to the main heir of their house. He always got along with his brothers but his relationship with his parents was always complex: as a child he was always a bit too wild, too little concerned about the rules of duty and honor and he somehow always managed to put himself in troubles. He didn’t have bad intentions, but in his parent’s eyes that was no excuse. His parents always tried to restrain him, but he grew so used to their punishments so quickly that soon they didn’t have any effect on him. At least that was what his parents thought: since, instead, he never managed to get their approval, no matter what he did, he just learnt to live without. If he couldn’t be what they wanted him to be, he could at least be what they expected him to be…
Even though his family was so disappointed in him, they still had to make plans for his future and, since he didn’t look so keep to study while he seemed to have much energy, they thought that a path as a knight could be the best.
Eric was really sensitive. Both emotionally and physically: the sight of blood made him sick, hurting himself made him cry. His father often made joke of that saying how a girl could show more resistance than he did. He demanded his child to toughen up, so when Eric was 8 he called a sword master for him.
Eric spent the following 2 years crying every day. To teach him to deal with pain and get used to the view of blood, his master taught him to cut himself: the more he did that on his own, he said, the less it would have effected him when others did that. Eric’s body got full of light scars that he still has nowadays. The next step was teaching him to attack and kill: Eric had more the spirit of a nurse than a worrier, killing went against everything he was. But he had to learn that as well.
After a total of 9 years of training, he had become a perfect warrior and the sensitive child he had been seemed gone for good.
Meanwhile, growing up he soon started showing interests in girls and by his adulthood he had slept with so many women he wasn’t even able to count them. Sure, the best part of them were whores, but what was the difference? He was still a pretty boy and quite the womanizer. He enjoyed sex, he enjoyed the closeness, the warmth, the pleasure he could get and give… and he was quite the giver, he gained soon fame of being quite a gentle and caring lover. His family didn’t approve his attitude, but they didn’t manage to stop him.
When he was 17, during his brother’s wedding he noticed a beautiful girl between the guests, and she definitely noticed him. They talked a lot during the celebrations of the following days, they flirted a lot, and it was evident she didn’t mind his attentions. She quickly fell in love with him, he didn’t but he still liked the girl and, well, he ‘stole’ her virtue… easy theft, since she presented it to him on a silver dish…
As the ceremony was over and the girl left with her family, things went back to normal and Eric would have even forgotten of the episode if, a couple of months later, his parents hadn’t received a letter saying them that the girls was pregnant and that Eric was the father. The family of the girl was furious and wanted revenge, Eric’s parents weren’t less furious but they still wanted to save their son: they did the only thing that would have given satisfaction to everyone. They sent him to the night’s watch.
It satisfied everyone… except Eric. The boy was young, and even if he had learnt to look tough and strong, he was still the same sensitive child he had always been. Finding himself as a crow wasn’t easy for him, many nights he silently cried himself to sleep. He tried to distract himself hanging in taverns and brothels, he rules of the watch bent a little for him that was a high born. But it was no use, he felt rejected, unwanted, lonely, his family hadn’t written not even once since he had to join the watch.
Then one day, after just a few months he had joined the watch, he had a meeting that was destined to chance his life for good: he met in a tavern Sinbad Greyjoy, a young lord that fought with him for the same girl, but then they were both ditched by the girl for a third man and, instead of getting mad for that, the two found the funny aspect in the situation and ended up drinking together. From that moment on, Eric and Sinbad became inseparable friends: Eric, who took often mission around Westeros on the watch’s behalf, had to travel quite often and Sinbad started riding almost always with him, going with him to tavern and brothels, drinking with him, training with him and such.
After almost a year, though, their friendship turned into something more. What Eric felt toward Sinbad… he had never felt anything similar toward anyone in his entire life. No woman had ever pleasured him as he did, no person had ever understood him as he did, no human had ever cared about him as he did… Eric had grown up in a pretty strict environment, and if sleeping around with women was already something bad, but could be seen as a simple call of the flesh; homosexuality, on the other side, was seen like such a terrible sin. Such a thing made him less than a man, almost an eunuch, a weak best, not even a person…
Eric spent four years with Sinbad, torn between the sweetness of their relationship and how wrong he knew it was, knowing he should have left Sinbad but never being able to do so, knowing he should have been stronger but surrendering every time with pleasure to his weakness… For Eric’s desire, they kept their relationship secret. They fought a handful of times when they were together, but they always went back together.
Until one day, after his family finally forgave him and allowed him to come visit, Eric decided to do the ‘right thing’: he met with Sinbad and gave him his last goodbye. After that, he spent 3 years when he wondered every day if he couldn’t just make the pain stop throwing himself off the wall.
According to everyone, he was fine, he still smiled as always, he still joked as always, he still fought as always… he went to brothels even more than before! He had actually been away from brothels since he had started his relationship with Sinbad, but now those moments in a woman’s arms were the only one that gave him strength. Even if no woman could hug him like Sinbad, kiss him like Sinbad, love him like Sinbad, fuck him like Sinbad…
He recovered a bit more his relationship with his family, and he was able to say he wasn’t indulging in any sinful activity actually meaning it… but he kept wondering if it was worth it.
Then, after 3 years of distance, he met again Sinbad… {...}

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Eric Tully

Eric Tully

Posts : 244
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I just had to re-write his profile XD
There were so many more details I thought... everything I thought was true was a lie XDXDXD
Oh well... here XD
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Eric Tully
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