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 I didn't know what we had was exclusive...

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Eric Tully

Eric Tully

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I didn't know what we had was exclusive... Empty
PostSubject: I didn't know what we had was exclusive...   I didn't know what we had was exclusive... EmptyMon Mar 16, 2015 4:42 pm

Many months had passed since Eric and Sinbad had had sex together for the first time. First time of many. Eric had tried to resist, to explain the friend that they couldn’t continue with that, that it was wrong, that it wasn’t for him… but it was useless, absolutely useless: every time they met, Eric tried to talk, but he always fell under the boy’s spell and found himself in his arms… and in his bed. He had thought to just stop seeing him, but he just wasn’t able to. No matter how wrong and shameful whatever they had was… it simply was like a drug, and he was already addicted to it… to him…
Once again, they were together in a tavern, drinking and telling each others what they had been doing during the past month. As always, Eric kept on the vague side, not really being too keep in giving informations on what he had done on the wall, while Sinbad had no restrains telling what he had been doing on his ship and in the other cities he had visited. Not even when it was about talking of his adventure with a dornish girl…
It wasn’t the first time Sinbad talked about the flirts he had, and Eric knew that the guy had all the rights to flirt and sleep with whoever he liked… it wasn’t like their sinful activities could allow him to have any saying on the matter… but with every passing meeting it got more and more difficult pretending not to care. He did try to tell himself he wasn’t jealous, that he couldn’t be, that he couldn’t afford to be… but that was no use. He died a little inside every time SInbad started talking about how good it had been having sex with someone else… And it was getting more and more difficult to hide it.
As Sinbad finished his little story, laughing at his own joke, Eric faked a simple ‘uh’ that looked more like an annoyed sound than a laugh.
“What’s wrong with you today?” Sinbad finally asked, starting to get a bit annoyed at the friend’s attitude.
Eric looked away and took a new sip of his beer “nothing” he replied as he always did, but this time Sinbad’s patience was getting shorter. He rolled his eyes, annoyed.
“Yeah, nothing, you really look like nothing’s wrong…”
“Can’t you just let it go for once?”
“What exactly should I let go, Eric?” both of them were getting more and more annoyed.
“Nothing! Forget it, it’s nothing…”
“What the hell is your problem? All I know is that I was telling a good joke -“
“Yeah, about a girl you screwed…” Eric couldn’t help but interrupt him with a sour low comment. That caught Sinbad off guard
“Does that bother you?” he asked, having difficulties understanding why.
Eric muttered an “I don’t care, do whatever you want…” as he looked away, but his ways were really making SInbad furious.
“What right do you have to be bothered?! It’s not like, since you don’t tell-“ Sinbad stopped as realization hit him. He swallowed before asking carefully
“Eric… how many times have you been in a brothel since we started fucking?”
“This is none of your business…” he replied immediately, but his blush gave away the real answer. SInbad swallowed again.
“Have you been with anyone else at all since we started?”
Eric looked away, uncomfortable and uneasy: he was feeling like the other guy was making fun of him.
“We never said it was exclusive…” Sinbad started, and cursed himself right after he said it: that wasn’t what he wanted to say, he didn’t want to upset more Eric, but he was too taken aback from this news.
“No, we didn’t” Eric replied sourly between his teeth
“Then why on earth would you judge me for that? I did nothing wrong!”
“Whatever Sinbad, I don’t care…” Eric shifted once more on his place, avoiding to look at him.
“Then stop it with this attitude! I didn’t come all the way up here just to see you like this!”
“Fine! Have fun without me! It doesn’t look like you have problems with it anyway.” as his rage exploded, Eric stood up and left: he was out of the tavern before Sinbad could even stand up…

Later, that evening, Eric took a new long sip of wine before he gestured the bartender to fill again his glass. He was alone, in a tavern he had found mostly by accident wondering around in the village.  He was already largely tipsy, and he knew it wasn’t wise for him to keep drinking, but he couldn’t help: the more he drunk, the less he was able to think of Sinbad and their discussion, and right now there was nothing he wanted more than that.
As he emptied a new glass of wine, he noticed a stranger approaching him.
“May I?” asked the tall man, gesturing toward the free place in front of Eric.
Eric shrugged “Suit yourself…” he replied in a drowsy voice
“You don’t look too happy, my friend” the stranger commented, pouring himself some more wine into Eric’s glass
“I’m not… I’m not your friend…” Eric replied, amused, before he emptied the glass once more.
“Looks to me like you could use a friend, though…” the stranger filled once more Eric’s glass and the boy promptly emptied it.
It went on like this for a while, the man talked and poured wine into Eric’s glass, who gave half answers while emptying one glass of wine after another.
It didn’t take much for him to be completely drunk.
And far more talkative than usual…
“…He…just…doesn’t care…” he stuttered to the man, after he finished talking about what had been going on with Sinbad: his only luck was, he was too drunk to be actually understandable.
“If he doesn’t care you should go ahed and sleep with someone else…”
“yes… yes I should…” Eric replied, hiccuping after that.
“Excuse me one moment.” As the stranger stood up, leaving him alone, Eric decided to fill again his glass, but he had many problems to actually hit the target. The stranger came back before he was able to fill his glass and helped him up. Eric groaned in disappointment, trying to stretch toward the glass, but the tall stranger was stronger than he was and just kept moving toward the stairs. Eric had no other choice but let the stranger lead him upstairs, toward the bedrooms.
“What are you d-doing?” he purred drowsily in the stranger’s ear as soon as the man opened a bedroom
“Helping you get back on your boyfriend” the stranger replied with a devilish smile, but Eric didn’t quite get what he said. He was just too drunk to focus on anything…
The stranger locked the door behind them and in no time he got rid of Eric’s pants. Eric barely noticed.
Soon the boy found himself bent in front of the bed, supporting himself with his hands on the bed while the man caressed his ass before he mercilessly plunged into him.
Eric did felt some pleasure, but he felt mainly pain: Sinbad was being far rougher than usual… or was he? Did he actually meet someone in a tavern? It was all so blurry and confused, and the pain didn’t help him focus.
Soon he passed out.

When he woke up, Eric felt terribly dizzy, and as soon as he tried to move he felt a stab of pain from his lower back. He moaned in pain, stiffening and trying to make the ache go away. He slowly opened his eyes and, even in the dark, he was bewildered when he didn’t recognize the room: where was he? What the hell happened that night? As he tried to regain his memories, he heard a snore and, turning, he saw a man, a stranger he couldn’t recognize. He could feel himself panicking: what happened the night before? He slowly slipped out of the bed, feeling the shame overwhelm him as he realized he was without his pants. Quickly and silently he recovered them, put them on and he was out of the room before the man could snore again.
The pain in his behind was horribly strong, it felt nothing like the satisfying and pleasurable pain he got from Sinbad, it felt horribly wrong… But nonetheless he didn’t stop running. He kept running in the night, unable to deal with the overwhelming disgust that started growing into him as he started gathering some memories from that night. How could he have done something like that?

Sinbad was worried sick. After their little fight, Eric had disappeared, vanished. He had looked everywhere for him but he just wasn’t able to find him. In the end, he had decided to go back to the tavern and wait in the stables. Eric had to come back for his horse, and for some reason, knowing the guy, he feared he would have tried to leave without a word.
He had mentally cursed himself a thousand times for how he had replied, but the guy had gotten him by surprise… he didn’t mean to get mad at him, to reply like that… but why didn’t he just say so? With all his paranoias, Sinbad didn’t even get how serious the boy was!!! Curse Eric, curse himself!!! The boy was so shy, so quiet, so scared of his own shadow under his mask of tough warrior… he wished he could have understood it earlier. A leas they could have talked, they could have figured it out… even if he was deeply unsure about what to do: could he actually give up on everything else just for Eric?
His thoughts were interrupted when he heard  noise as someone opened the stable’s doors. It didn’t take much to understand who it was: outside it was still dark and the nor the stable boys nor the tavern keeper had any interest in getting in there at that hour of the night. SInbad stayed still, spying Eric’s movements from his corner in the shadow: as he had guessed, the guy was trying to leave without him. But there was something more: there was something off about him. He moved like he had been drinking… like he was in pain…
As soon as Eric tried to get on his horse, failing without being able to keep a groan of pain, Sinbad sneaked behind his back
“Where exactly do you think you are going?” SInbad growled, sounding a bit more annoyed than he had planned.
Eric immediately turned around, looking at him jus briefly before his glance went down with a contrite expression
“You got me worried, what happened to you? Where have you been?”
Eric, though, didn’t reply and limited himself to bite his lower lip, looking terribly ashamed and regretful.
SInbad was already worried and the boy’s silence didn’t help one bit: he grabbed his chin and forced Eric to look at him in the eyes.
“Eric, what happened?”
“I slept with another man.” finally Eric whispered with the saddest and most mortified expression Sinbad had ever seen on his face. But Sinbad just barely noticed that: he was still busy trying to process the thought. Eric, his Eric, with another man? He felt a raging jealousy exploding into his heart, but before he could start yelling at the boy he stopped looking at him while he kept stuttering
“I got drunk… at least I think so, I woke up in this room… with this man.. I’m not sure how it happened…” Eric was looking down again, but even from there Sinbad could see all his disgust, fear and self-loathing.
The rage suddenly disappeared: unexpectedly, now he only wanted to comfort the boy.
“Calm down now, Eric… Let’s go inside, ok?”
As Sinbad passed a hand on the boy’s shoulders, Eric looked away, too ashamed of himself to look at Sinbad, but as the man started moving he followed him. They got into the room Sinbad had already paid for, Sinbad started walking toward the bed to at least sit down comfortably, but Eric didn’t move from the door.
“Eric? Just come to sit down, I’m sure you need some rest.”
Eric grimaced before he brought one hand to his forehead “How can you… how can you be like that? How can you be so calm? I just told you I’ve been with someone else, do you even care?”
Sinbad had to fight against himself not to let his rage take the best of him while he quickly approached Eric and forced the boy to look at him. “You think I don’t care, Eric?” his voice was like honey, but Eric could sense the rage it hid “You think I don’t care if you left me in the tavern without having any idea where you had gone? If you just slept with another man? You really think I’m not terribly mad right now?” Eric swallowed, unable to look away from the other man “Point is, you are already punishing yourself enough, and you need rest. We’ll have time to talk later.” The last phrase sounded to Eric almost like a threat, but he couldn’t reply anything. Instead, he just covered the small distnce between them and rested his face between Sinbad’s shoulder and his neck, hiding his face and weakly hugging the man.
Sinbad was surprised by this, Eric didn’t often show affection easily. If he did now, he must really need it… He hugged him back and started caressing the boy’s back, but as he got a bit lower he could feel the boy shivering in pain.
“Maybe I should check it…” Sinbad suggested, mildly concerned, and he could immediately feel Eric tense up.
The boy muttered something that vaguely sounded like a "there is no need", and SInbad didn’t know wether he wanted to laugh or roll his eyes at the Eric’s shyness.
“You’re not gonna play shy with me after you got dunk and slept with another man, now are you?”

Eric looked terribly mortified and stopped complaining, as Sinbad drove him toward the bed he simply followed him.
“Bend down” Sinbad ordered terse, pushing him to do so while quickly untying his pans and letting them fall on the floor. Eric’s face was as red as a cherry, but he still kept quiet.
Sinbad bent slightly to check Eric’s most delicate part, and he could immediately see what was wrong: his friend was still fairly dilated, which was uncommon for Eric who was always so tight; he looked red and irritated and there was some blood dripping out of him.
“What kind of animal did you fuck with?” He asked feeling a mix of many different emotions filling his heart at once: anger, concern, annoyance, jealousy… Thinking that someone else had laid his fingers on HIS Eric, that someone else had fucked him, that he had been hurt… This mix of emotions was hard to digest, he couldn’t understand if he wanted to hit Eric or take gently care of him…
Eric muttered something, shifting uncomfortably, but Sinbad couldn’t quite get what he said. The man sighed, staring at the mess Eric had made of himself and stood up again.
“I’m gonna wake up the inn keeper, I gathered he has some remedies for swellings and inflammations” he said, slapping Eric’s left buttock.
“Stop that, it hurts!” Eric complained, bending his knees in pain
Sinbad grinned. “Serves you right.” he said in teasing, lighter tone, hitting him again and with more strength, making him moan loudly in pain “That’s what you get for cheating on me.”
Now that looked to him like a fair punishment, and he felt like his rage was finally gone.
“I thought we never said that what we had was exclusive…” Eric mumbled, trying to hide his confusion
“It is from now” Sinbad purred in his ear, bending down to nimble on his lobe “From now you are mine, and I’ll get reeeeally upset if you’ll go with anyone else” he whispered, biting then Eric’s lobe
“What about you, then?” Eric replying, trying to look upset but failing at hiding his hopeful expression. He didn’t need to say more, SInbad got immediately what he meant. And in that moment he actually understood how Eric must have felt every time he told a story about someone else…
“I’m yours, of course: it goes both way.” he purred once again in his ear.
At that point Eric turned suddenly toward Eric, quickly standing up and pulling Eric’s collar so that he would stand as well, so he could kiss him with infinite passion. It wasn’t like Eric to show so much affection… but Sinbad didn’t complain one bit.
They kept on kissing until Sinbad accidentally touched Eric’s butt, and the guy moaned in pain.
“I’m going to get that remedy now, you lay down.”
Before he could go, though, he felt Eric's hand on his wrist, stopping him
"Sinbad... I'm sorry..."
Sinbad looked at Eric in surprise: his fragile boy was even sorrier than he was for what just happened... As angry as he was for what just happened, he couldn't get himself to be angry against Eric. And he didn't need to ask to know that the boy would never do again something similar. 'Good' he thought to himself: he could hardly bear the thoughts of Eric sleeping with someone else, male or female. Eric was his, and no one else's. He approached him again and kissed him lightly on the lips.
"Lay down" he repeated gently before he left the room.

When Sinbad came back, Eric was laying on the bed on his stomach, naked from his waist down, his ass in perfectly good view. He had tried to recover his pants, but Sinbad had accidentally kicked them under the bed, too far from him to get without taking any painful position. He had also tried to sit differently, but any other position hurt terribly and in the end he had surrendered to that humiliating pose
“You are so lovely like that…” Sinbad said after licking his lips, making Eric blush again.
“Stop it and give me that remedy”
Oh, no way he was going to do that. He wouldn’t lose the pleasure of applying it himself, teasing him as much as he could, for anything in the world.
“It’s a difficult spot to get on your own… let me help you…”
he murmured with a wicked grin.
Eric tried to protest, but in the end it was no use: Sinbad managed to ‘help’ him, and Eric had the strong feeling he was actually getting his revenge for him sleeping with someone else… which was really unfair, since Sinbad had done that several times while that was his first.
It was his last as well.
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I didn't know what we had was exclusive...
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